Be the discerning follower!


“Do not follow the lead of a religious leader unless he knows the way back Home “inside” of him. In addition, he must be Led by the Holy Spirit of Truth, so that holy journey becomes brighter and brighter with every step”
Photo and Text source: Joseph Romanella on Facebook


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6 thoughts on “Be the discerning follower!

  1. Oh, these quotes you post are like little sparkling gems to adorn the everyday with. It is so true what this quote says. Specially here in India where there are so called “Gurus” at every nook and corner. Many of these are corrupted with thirst of power and wealth, and will use someone’s devotion for their own benefit. However, one spiritual leader I really like and admire is the Dalai Lama. I attended one of his speeches here in India and it was magical! Thank you for your daily inspiration :-)


    • Thanks for your usual inspiring thoughts! Truly, there are too many gurus, prophets, channels and ‘Light bearers’ around that one has to be very careful with which teacher or, teaching one follows! I have always admired the thoughts of the Dalai Lama particularly because, he draws his Knowledge for the teachings of one of the few true Light Messengers….Buddha, The Enlightened One! Thanks and have a great week ahead! Cheers!


  2. This is the real fact. It is a common thing nowadays in most christian life. Looking for easy road to follow when you can pray for yourself because God has given us that mandate and power to call on Him without going to one special place. Thanks for sharing.


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