My confusing love for animals!


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I love animals in a confusing kind of way! I am not an animal rights activist but, I take exception to caged animals/birds, aquariums and small artificial ponds! They look more like prisoners and animal prisons to me!
I prefer to see animals in their natural habitats! The bird singing free; the squirrel scampering from branch to branch and sometimes hurrying across your tracks; the sleek snake that shows up once in a while and cause panic! The time-keeper doves and noisy crows! The evasive frogs and insects who as night choristers give the nights their special feel: a feel I like to call the rhythm of nature!
…and the king of stunts and cheekiness: wild monkeys! I live in a sub-urban community in the rain forest environment; so, I experience the wild, first hand!
I love to see animals free but, I have never signed up for their freedom!
My closest friends are cats; the type people call stray, feral or, homeless cats! These cats truly intrigue me! No matter how much I court their friendship they never seem to trust me! I frequently leave food (good food), not just leftovers, for them and ‘donated’ my gazebo to them which they have converted to a maternity and nursery yet, the cats would not come close. As soon as they are adequately weaned and strong enough, mother and kittens are off for good! No goodbyes, no parting Thank you! Not long, another mother sneaks in for a repeat performance!
I have therefore come to look at stray cats as ungrateful creatures, although I continue to court their friendship! That’s part of the confusion!
….and the mother of all confusion! I am not a vegetarian or the stricter, Vegan but, I hate animal torture and would not even think of being a butcher! What hypocrisy? I enjoy the butchers’ products but don’t like his work and workplace!
I have watched animals, birds, fish and insects kill their fellow creatures and I have watched humans harness and slaughter cows! The first go for the swiftest way to snuff out life from their victims; no torture! The latter practically drag their victims through crucifixion! Yet, I relish beef!

I love animals in a confusing kind of way! Unfortunately, so do many of my friends and neighbors!


11 thoughts on “My confusing love for animals!

  1. I often think the pagan way of addressing animals was in keeping with nature. They asked the animal’s permission to kill it to feed the tribe and honored the animal afterward. They never took more than they needed,and they learned the way of living amiably in the same area.
    Cats, by nature, are independent and do not run in packs the way dogs do. Dogs look for an alpha owner; cats look for staff.


    • The tribes were in tune with nature just like animals; they mostly kill out of necessity!
      A friend who likes and keeps a lot of pets once told me that dogs are attached to their owners while, cats are attached to the house! Always a joy to share your thoughts! Thanks and best wishes for the weekend ahead!


  2. Congratulations! It’s with great pleasure that I announce that you were nominated for the ‘’ The Cracking Chrispmouse Bloggywog Award’’, for the much beautiful message of joy, peace, hope and love that you pass on with your marvelous Blog. Keep on you much appreciated work that touches the Heart of Human Kind! Thank you and good luck in everything!

    D.A. Lavoie and Dame Miracle (Gigi).

    Followo this link :


      • You’re welcome my dear! And you do proceed the way you want it now and when or if…I nominated people for their great Spirit of Love and Pace for this Award! Have a nice Sunday, read you again soon!


  3. I feel exactly the same about animals and your cat experience is almost like mine, I sometimes tell the unfriendly ones that they are just friends for food who just take and run giving nothing (affection) in return.
    I cannot cast them out because I live in a country where death is eminent if they wander out of the compound as cats are seen as evil or meat.
    I am weary at times because they are expensive to feed and vet bills to add up but I wouldn’t be able to bear it if a cruel fate befalls any of them.


  4. Thank you for your honesty. I have been almost vegetarian for over 30 years, because I love animals. I have no problems saying NO to beef or pork (I don’t eat mammals) but have struggled with chicken and eat fish/seafood about two or three times a month. For me it is an evolutionary process. I like the taste of chicken, but I’m getting better at abstaining from chicken because of the cruelty of that industry. I’m trying not to be to hard on myself when I slip up. We all draw the line in different places. Some people have “Meatless Mondays.” The fact that you wrote this post is a good thing. It means you are thinking about something worthwhile.


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