A love message gone sour!

The featured media is a post by Sun Gazing on Facebook which is liked and shared in the thousands! It was supposed to be about love as the common thread in all spiritual teachings and religions; about the fact that the three preachers drew their life-giving water from a common fountain! They may have “watered” their Flocks from different points of the fountain but, the Fountainhead is one and the same! It is only the flocks (followers) who have misused the “water” for selfish, negative and sometimes deadly purposes!
Judging from the reactions so far, it has become a love message gone terribly sour! At the last count, the post had attracted about 300 comments with 80% of them hate inspired and discriminatory!
In spite of the soothing voice of Sun Gazing that: “May all beings be at peace” the bitter replies still keep coming! How sad!
How so difficult it is for religionists to dwell together in peace!

Photo Credit: Sun Gazing on Facebook

15 thoughts on “A love message gone sour!

  1. So far I live to move where and school and I have many friends from different faiths and we can respect each other and appreciate each other.
    People who are highly educated and familiar with the religion are not concerned about what other people believed. As is the case with you, let you embrace the Christian religion would not be beneficial for me and vice versa I embraced Islam of course you will not feel disadvantaged and harmed.
    those who try to disturb their tranquility and peace provocateurs who do not actually know anything, and they are really shallow.

    I would appreciate and respect anyone who can appreciate me / us.
    ” One of my life principles is of no use to insult each other live in this world, hate, and hostile “.


    • I agree with your principles because, as far as I know, nobody is so pure that he/she has to attend to the faults of others! Let others be and follow your path without being hostile to those who follow other paths; even if they do not profess any particular religion!
      The big question is, what if others are hostile to you and your faith? Do you match hostility with hostility, overlook or approach the situation with love? Without doubt the vast majority of faithfuls from ALL religions would take the first option! That’s the bane of religion!
      Like you said, there are people who are tolerant of all shades of faith. My prayer is that we should have more and more of this type minds and make our religions the healing balms they are meant to be! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and do have a great time!


  2. When are people going to understand that Source, no matter what “name” attached to It, is ONE and the same? The hatred between religions turns my stomach. I won’t touch religion, yet I do touch God. Even as a child, I questioned the “rules” because they did not make sense to me. I saw the prejudice and the fear regarding others who were different, and I questioned, “But why?”. How sad this world is when people just refuse to see that even though the teachings may sound different, they are really all one and the same.

    Grow up, humans! What is it going to take for you to re-member that YOU are Master, a spark of God, walking this earth? I could say other things, but I will leave it at this.


    • With those few words, you have delivered the genesis of the human spirits, their relationship with God (the Source of Life) and other creatures! I really cannot add to this but rather pray that more and more people would come this recognition! Best wishes Amy!


  3. OH wow. Just now it hit me. I have a post I have NOT posted yet, and I received the “message” yesterday while on the treadmill at the gym. Now I am very nervous about posting it, because it has everything to do with God being Love, Love is GOD. Oh boy. And how GOD is everything. OH boy.


  4. I truly love the idea that all religions, all spiritual paths, are deeply interconnected. It is terribly sad that so often these messages of love are severely misinterpreted or used to fuel hate and separateness, rather than the true connection that all spiritual leaders would hope for. Thankyou for a thought-provoking post.



    • Ever since mankind made religion a profession it became rigid, doctrinal and dogmatic! Stiff walls are built around every religion and you have to openly profess it to be a ‘brother’ or ‘sister’. The good news is that all hope is not lost, there are people who concentrate on the uplifting aspects of spiritual teachings and recognize their interconnectedness! These ones only see the oneness in the spirituality of their fellow human beings! On these ones rests the hope for a peaceful tomorrow! Thanks Cat, for sharing your thoughts!


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