The Living Cross…….Many faces of the cross #2

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In the first part of this series, we saw that the cross has been known to mankind from pristine times! The explanation was stretched further:
“Also, history is replete with cultures, peoples and religions that were already familiar with the cross (or, versions of it) before the era of Christ! Cultures and religions that could not have been influenced by the crucifixion or, the Roman/Jewish traditions! This only buttresses the point that the Christian Cross is not the cross revealed to mankind from time immemorial through pure channels!”
Today, we are exploring this ‘revealed Cross’ and what it stands for! In doing so, it is necessary to remind ourselves of some basic realities and thus prepare the grounds for the profound knowledge about this icon!
First, in broad outline, the Realms of existence comprise the Divine as the highest, loftiest and most sublime, followed by the Spiritual, the Animistic and down to the Worlds of Matter (which includes the ethereal)!
Second, visions, impulses and inspirations may originate from any of these Realms and, the higher their origin, the purer and nearer they are to Primordial perfection! The point made here is that, a Divine inspiration or vision is more powerful and with more far-reaching implications/possibilities than a spiritual, animistic or, ethereal one!
Third, outside the materiality of the earth, most phenomena we call abstracts have forms! These include love, truth, power, grace and all the virtues! Same goes for negative energies and propensities like jealousy, hatred, lust, baseness, etc. They all have tangible forms! When it is said that “thoughts are things” it does not refer to imaginary, figurative things but, real substantiate forms that could impact, penetrate, influence and attract or, be attracted by similar forms! Hence, “thought forms” are real forms which even the immature clairvoyant can easily see!
Now to the crux of the matter:
The cross that was revealed to humanity through pure sources is the conformity of the Highest Divine Essence! It is not a symbol of the essence but, the living essence in its full power and magnificence! It is the Equal-Armed Cross which is the manifestation of the living Divine Truth! In other words, the radiating Equal-Armed Cross is not a symbol or representation of Divine Truth but, the very essence and form of the Truth.
Just like the luminous Dove is the living embodiment of the Holy Spirit, so also is the Equal-Armed Cross the embodiment of the Truth!
Anywhere the Holy Spirit and Divine Truth are anchored, the Dove and Cross are present in their radiance as were seen with Envoys of the Light like Jesus, the Son of God and (for the few who know) Imanuel, the Son of Man, the promised Spirit of Truth: the white Dove directly above their heads and the radiating Cross within. Unmistakable signs of their Divine unsubstantiate essence! Unmistakable because, not even the most accomplished magician or, sorcerer can imitate these signs! Only those who are indeed the Life, the Truth and the Way to unsubstantiate Divine Perfection can bear them as unassailable evidence of their origin! For this reason, the equal-armed Cross is called the Cross of Rays or, the LIVING CROSS, i e, the cross that pulsates with Divine Power and Life!
Visions of this cross were seen across eras and cultures! Created beings, Truth bringers, Light messengers like Lao tse, Zoroaster, Buddha and other lesser known Channels, all saw its radiated pictures and mediated the knowledge to mankind!
Mankind on their part, made earthly artwork and replicas reflecting the vision-images and the intuitive experiencing and cosmic motion described by the mediators! The Greeks and some cultures saw in the Living Cross a connection between the heavens (Creator) and the earth (Creation), between humans and nature and a radiation link between the four cardinal points! They thus, retained the equal armed images. The Egyptians conceptualized it as a sign of life and human spirituality; they also linked it with the Nile River, their cherished source of life and gave the Cross the profile of a human being with out-stretched arms! Other cultures and religious movements tried to capture the transcendental mobility weaving around the cross by presenting it with evenly forked arms or, depicting it as a wheel!
However, some pure visions/presentations originate from the Spiritual Realms, below the Divine! The media/clairvoyants ‘see’ the Living Cross with a ring around it. This is another ground-breaking cross; the ringed equal-armed cross which is known as the Living Cross of Creation or, simply as the Cross of Creation! This is a subject for another day!
On the down side, there are many crosses created either from distorted/misinterpreted visions or, as artificial remodels to serve narrow and sometimes egoistic interests! In most cases, this group of crosses has no significant spiritual meaning!
Fortunately, through the Grace of the Most High, knowing ones have preserved the pure image and sacredness of The Living Cross and passed it on from generation to generation! Today, we find true replicas of the Living Cross made from material substances like metal, stone, wood, fabric, etc. Earthly tokens that are used with utmost discretion and reverence but, nevertheless, not objects of worship! These replicas are the actual symbol and sacred mementos of Divine Truth!
Thus is the Living Cross: The Divine Radiating Truth distinct from in shape and form but, not opposed to the Cross of Redemption which is the Christian Cross!

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6 thoughts on “The Living Cross…….Many faces of the cross #2

  1. I have a lot of reading to do, catch up with all the segments,lol
    This is my first read. I understand the living cross to be our forbearance to attaining the divine cross. We bear all the pain and sorrow of this transient plane, in preparation for the more permanent?

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    • Thanks for stopping by! Your thoughts are correct, we have to recognize the transience of this plane and bear whatever pains tribulations we are going through! We however have to bear them with the right attitude and in accord with the Laws of Creation which are the Will of God! That way, we can look forward to a joyful life in sublime realms! This calls for a lot of forbearance and spiritual discretion in finding and living the truth ‘that leads to eternal life’!
      When for instance, Christ asked his listeners to pick up the cross and follow him, he definitely did not mean the Crucifixion but, the truth! So, you can see the link between the truth and the cross!
      Sorry taking so much of your time! Best wishes!

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  2. This is only part of what Jesus said about the cross after the last of The Twelve Blessings holding one of the little wooden crosses blessed for those completing the course, ”This my children is not a symbol of death. It is the Symbol of Resurrection. It is not the symbol of the terrible death depicted by your foolish priests. It is the lasting Symbol of the Resurrection of Man, up to the Mighty Godhead – through Karmic Experience. That is it what it is”.


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