Words for Thought

Worthy spiritual contemplation for the first weekend of the year! Ageless Wisdom and profound Gospel wrapped in few words!

Highway to 5th Heaven


The philosopher Martin Heidegger defined a person as an opening or clearing through which the Absolute can manifest. In The Gospel According to Jesus, poet and scholar of comparative religions Stephen Mitchell discusses how the Absolute can manifest through purity of heart, “If we compare God to sunlight, we can say that the heart is like a window. Cravings, aversions, fixed judgments, concepts, beliefs–all forms of selfishness or self-protection–are, when we cling to them, like dirt on the windowpane. The thicker the dirt, the more opaque the window. When there is no dirt, the window is by its own nature perfectly transparent, and the light can stream through it without hindrance.”

“Pocket of Miracles”

–Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.

pg. 378

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