Some spammers do have them……random blogging thoughts!

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I frequently visit my blog’s  spam folder. That way, I have been able to retrieve valuable comments from friends and readers! Sometimes, it appears as if some blogs have a pact with this folder and their comments repeatedly head there! I wonder if same is happening to my comments somewhere!
Spam comments also remind me of the days I started out blogging and wondering “who will ever notice your blog?”! Just then, the spams started arriving as if to assure me that I have, at least, created something! Back then, even spams felt good!
I also take time to read spam messages and: Boy oh boy, some spammers do have them! There are those who hit the sales pitch straight off, others who tickle your ego with praises and big promises to spread the word that a Socrates is on the blogoshere! The pros keep it short and simple; the shorter, the more difficult to thrash. Comments like “learned much”, “true indeed”, “insightful”, “excellent” really get you thinking in different directions! Is it a spam? Is it not?
Top of the pack, are the experienced Pros! You need something close to the sixth sense to handle these ones especially, if their comments had slipped into your ‘pending’ box! They don’t talk short or long; just the right words you would expect from a true friend and reader! These ones have turned spamming into an art; they are the real spam gurus! How I wish they used their talents and fertile imagination for something positive and less offensive!
…….then my friends and readers! Bless their souls! Never a friendship so inspiring; inspiring in friendship but, selective in reading: write about Karma, reincarnation and the virtues of Prophet Mohammad, and my core Christian friends would not touch it with a long spoon! Swing over to celebrate Christmas and Christ, and my friends from parts of Middle East and Asia are out of ear shot. Win some, lose some but, the beauty of friendship is they always call again when you are back to their comfort zone!
……also views and likes! Still a mystery how some posts get regular top views but, are among the least liked! Is it that after the possible one time like, readers visit again and again to re-read, or, is it a question of readers not liking what they see? I just don’t get this one!
…….and Rush Hours! Gradually, I’m beginning to establish the rush hours. There seems to be a link between when your friends post and when they read your posts! I coined the phrase: “You get more readers when you get more posts”! As for the rush days, I still cannot figure that one out. Some weeks, it is Tuesday; other weeks, it is Thursday and in between, the weekends have it! Still learning!
So much to learn in this blogging world!

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