Christmas Bells #4… have a reason to celebrate!

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There is this joke that if you were to put Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad and The Buddha in one room, after a while, they are likely to come out smiling but, if you tried same with a Jehovah’s Witness’ overseer, a Pentecostal pastor and a Catholic priest, you better have the emergency services on hand!
This may be a mere light-hearted imagery but, sadly it contains some truth!
If the first meeting were to take place, tranquil calm is likely to prevail and in the quietude the deep will recognize the deep! The past, present and future would coalesce in a transcendental living experiencing of how their lives have converged and diverged in bygone times and how, if permitted by the Almighty, this could be repeated, more or less, in the radiations in future! Such a meeting would turn out to be a solemn Hour of Worship! Worship without words!
The second meeting would be the perfect setting for a feisty religious argument! With three different versions of the Bible, each Christian leader is likely to condemn and declare as ungodly any opinion, doctrine or practice outside those of his/her organization! Recriminations upon recriminations will fly here and there while invoking the name of God; everyone claiming to belong to the chosen people, Abraham’s Seed, true custodians of the original Christian apostolic faith, etc.
When religion bites, it bites with venom!
And if the subject of Christmas crops up, things are likely to get quite heated! The anti-Christmas mantra is most certainly likely to ring out again and again…”Christmas is not approved by God because it is rooted in pagan customs and rites.”

There is no need to join issues with those who hold such beliefs! Nor should those who celebrate Christmas give themselves airs as “the true believers”! No, that would be wrong! Let those who shun Christmas be! You do not need anybody’s approval to commemorate the birth/earthly anchorage of the Son of God; nor, do you need to condemn anybody for not joining you in commemoration!
You have recognized Christmas as a sacred Festival and opportunity to express your true gratitude for the Almighty’s incomprehensible Grace, which He gives ever again to the earth with the Holy Night! That is enough reason to adorn yourself, your surroundings and your halls of worship! That is enough reason for the season!

This recognition can only spur you to rid your mind of envy, hate and other negative propensities; to free your souls from indolence and all forms of darkness and reflect your inner efforts in the resplendence of your festive attire! Nobody goes into a Light-inspired Festival hall in rags and tatters! No heart is filled with pure joy and keeps it to itself! Share your joy with praises, thanksgiving and gifts(not necessarily material things)! Let the tones of Christmas bells resonate from your heart as a beacon of light, joy and comfort!
This is not a time for disputes but, a time to heal and be healed! A time to remind ourselves of our common origin irrespective of the religion, sect and creed we may profess on earth!
May your Christmas be joyful!

17 thoughts on “Christmas Bells #4… have a reason to celebrate!

  1. Very good. At least politicians doled out a benefit or too. I am not atheist but non denominational. What I do not like is how the people of faith conduct themselves and expect to be thought well of in the business world. They do not role model well at all. Happy Holidays to you and yours.


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