Christmas Bells #3….. because Christmas is not in the Bible…..

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“If Jesus did not say or do it and, it is not mentioned in the Bible, it is wrong, unscriptural and should be avoided!”
This is the iron curtain behind which many Christian believers hide to reject any spiritual knowledge they cannot fit into their established doctrines and creeds! It is also one of the main arguments against Christmas!
Similar sentiments abound in each and every religion! In every instance where spiritual teachings are transformed into a religion, there is always this rigid concentration on the person of the truth bringer, history and tradition! As religion evolves, a priesthood class emerges and gradually becomes the earthly voice of the Deity and custodian of truth and purity. New thoughts must be approved by the hierarchy or, consigned to the dust bin as blasphemous and their proponents punishable! This was the bitter pill Jesus Christ had to swallow and eventually paid the supreme price!
The greatest adversaries or, better expressed, the most potent tools of the Darkness against Christ were the ego-rigid priests of Judaism! The average Jew had no problem accepting Jesus as the promised Messiah; only the priests could not live with the son of a carpenter who did not rise from their ranks being the Messiah, calling himself the Son of God and embarrassingly drawing so much followership! No, he had to be stopped before their synagogues became empty!
Unfortunately, mankind, including modern-day followers of Christ do not seem to recognize this root cause of Christ’s earthly travails!
“It is finished”, our Lord did and said it all” the average believer would say! But, did he? Did he have enough time to do and say it all? Did he not frequently lament that he had so much to say but could not, because, his listeners were not mature enough ‘to bear it’? Did Christ not promise:
“But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth; …”! (John 16: 13)
Most Christians readily conclude that Christ was referring to Pentecost! However, the Outpouring of Power at Pentecost which many canvass as the fulfillment of Christ’s promise of the Spirit of Truth, cannot be it because, many years after the event, Apostle Paul still wrote:
“For we know in part, and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.” (1 Corinthians 13: 9-10)
The questions confronting mankind (not just the professed Christian) today are “Is the Spirit of Truth with us or, has He come, taught the whole Truth and departed earthlife? What new knowledge did He bring? What did He say about Christ and Christmas, other religions, reincarnation, Karma, Paradise, the exact structure of Creation, astrology and many more subjects that Christ did not have enough time to explain?”
Maybe, the rejection of Christmas has nothing to do with the Spirit of Truth, new revelation or, tangible spiritually knowledge but, due to spiritual indolence which manifests as ego-rigidity!
Rigidity everywhere you turn and in every religion: Rigidity that confers on the priesthood/clergy the authority as the accuser and arbiter; rigidity that celebrates the anniversary of a Christian organization but, prevents members of the organization from observing the birth of Christ! Why?…….

“Because, Christmas is not mentioned in the Bible!”

11 thoughts on “Christmas Bells #3….. because Christmas is not in the Bible…..

  1. I often feel perplexed about the way in which we uphold so many things non-Biblical, yet thumb our noses at anything slightly different. At the same time, there are so many things that are Biblical we wouldn’t dream of accepting – i.e. instructions on how to treat slaves, multiple wives. To use another quote from the Bible; “We gag on a gnat and swallow the whole camel.”

    Nice points here.


  2. Well, literally speaking, if it’s not in the bible, it’s unscriptural because the bible is scripture. :) I understand what you’re saying but respectfully disagree with your analysis of religion and Christianity, especially considering that Jesus is not “the earthly voice for a deity”. Besides the fact that Judaism was the root from which Christianity sprang, Jesus IS God. Not just a priest. Christmas is an issue of Christian liberty. I understand why some ppl choose not to celebrate, but there’s also nothing inherently wrong with it


    • Thanks for your thought-provoking comments! I truly appreciate your sincerity. With due respect, let me make some observations:
      1. Jesus did not come to found a religion but, to teach the Truth for the salvation of ALL. Coming from the purest Divine Essence, he brought the Truth to mankind for their salvation, because he bears and, he is the Truth and Life! He is therefore rightly called the Son of God as distinct from humanity. This explains the profound wisdom in your assertion that “Jesus IS God”!
      2. On the other hand, his teachings became a religion when his Disciples organized themselves under elders and leaders for the purpose of spreading the message! Other religions start that way and like other religions, the Disciples and elders assumed authority as the earthly voice for the Deity which in Christianity, includes Jesus in a Triune Godhead! Instructively, Paul was very clear about the Deity of Jesus but, had a running battle with the leaders in Jerusalem because, he preached and did many things without clearance from Jerusalem. It is always important to draw the fine lines between the Truth-bringer, the Message and religion! There is no way I would have referred to Jesus as part of the priest/clergy of any religion! He towers far above that! At least, that much I recognize!
      3. Again, you are right in your opinion that there’s nothing inherently wrong in not celebrating Christmas! One can even say that salvation does not depend on celebrating Christmas! In this series we are only looking at the arguments against celebrating Christmas; just like others are free to express their views on why we celebrate Christmas as given in our post “Christmas Bells #1”. I am not in a position to judge anyone; I am only a soul on earth learning from my experiences and sharing my recognitions with fellow pilgrims!

      Sorry for taking so much of your time!


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