Sorry for screaming and yelling!

Photo Credit: Zorpia on Facebook

…….and one of my last mistakes was pointed out by Marcus Ampe of Marcus is a man of many parts; a social worker, outdoor enthusiast, one time dancer and choreologist, experienced writer and much more! Above all, he is a mature spiritual/religious mind and an active adherent of the Christadelphian philosophy.
Until my encounter with him, I had always been lavish with capital letters. Maybe, not in the body of my essays but my titles sure come out in bold prints; it is either every word or, the first letter of each word is in capital!
The reason for this was quite simple: My posts, including reblogs, are dear to my heart! Each one has to strike a tune in my inner being, if not, I wouldn’t share it! But, some posts reach deeper than others and the only way, I thought, to show this was to title them boldly! Well, as I found out, I was screaming and yelling at my friends and readers and, for this, I am sorry! It’s not in my character to be rude!
Now, let me share my discussions with Marcus:

Marcus Ampe: “Because of the title in capitals, which is considered by us as shouting, I could not reblog this article (because I am not able to change the lettering in our site). I hope you don’t mind that I felt free then, to quote from this and some other articles, to comment.”

Purplerays: “Feel free to use my original material wholly or in part in any manner you deem fit with or without acknowledgement so long as it promotes positive, peaceful values! For second-hand material, you may wish to find out the copyrights policy of the source through my source credit line! Thanks for drawing my attention to the capital letters limitation; I hope to make some adjustments in future, I guess I was mistaken in believing that a title without capitals would look rather bland. It would take some time though, like they say “habits die-hard”. Thanks for your thoughts.”

Marcus Ampe: “According to the rules of letter writing and text composing (in Europe regulated by the ISBN and other norms) text in capitals also denotes yelling, screaming for a or no reason, disagreement, arguing, defensive or attacking talk, and is being considered rude and impolite or ‘not done’.
In the hope to share more thoughts of good attitude and peaceful love,
yours sincerely,
Marcus Ampe”

Purplerays: “Thanks for the advice! I’ll take immediate correction and follow up with an apology within the week for my past mistakes. I’m usually a soft-spoken person and definitely would not want to scream and yell at my readers and that is exactly what I have been doing all this while. Thanks again and cheers!”

9 thoughts on “Sorry for screaming and yelling!

  1. I’ve never been offended by the capitals, or the exclamation points, which some also consider yelling. I just want to point out the possibility that it is not you yelling as a person meaning to attack or offend, but could be what I call the Spirit of Truth getting its point across. I’ve heard it said in metaphysical science circles that if your voice raises, but you feel little or no anger or other strong emotion, then it is Spirit making a point through you. That’s how I always understood your capitals. May you blog on, however you choose to do so!


    • I understand you Crystal, but, let me play by the rules and offend no one! The spirit will still reach out to its kind even if its voice is cloaked in the tiniest of letters. Thanks for your usual insights and do have a great weekend!


  2. Everyday we learn. As we move on in life, it becomes clear that learning does not end as one continue to breath. It will only end when there is no more life in this our physical body. Thanks for sharing. We learn, take corrections and keep moving.


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