RELIGION, BELIEFS AND WORSHIP! (religionists are extreme believers of some sort!)

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“Your post contains pagan material and not suitable for devout………like me……”

Above quote is an excerpt from a sharp reaction to my assertion that the gods and goddesses of old are not figments of the imagination but, nature beings existing through the Will of God and still active today as servants of God; and, that it was mankind who erred by making them objects of veneration and worship!
The rather harsh words from an otherwise usually polite friend prompted this reflection on religion, beliefs and worship!
In everyday discussions, everyone seems to understand the distinction between belief and worship! If for instance, I declare that “I believe in my parents”, it is readily understood to mean I respect, trust and accept what they say and have confidence in them. It cannot be mistaken to imply that I worship them or, consider them infallible! Most importantly, this declaration does not preclude me from believing other parents! Or, does it?
What a limited, narrow life it would be if I believed only my parents. What a confusing world it would be if all other parents were liars and unworthy of trust? The disorder in the proverbial Tower of Babel would be a child’s play compared to such a world!
The reality, however, is that every generation, every family, every parent and indeed every individual makes progress by learning from the annals of life and contributing something for the common good or, at least, waving the red flag to protect the common good! This is how successive generations have built upon the achievements of the preceding ones! This is how mankind has evolved and developed science, technology, economics, politics, etc.
Unfortunately, not so with religion! If again I now say “I believe in Buddha”, the reaction is different! To 99% of my listeners, I am a Buddhist and for non-Buddhists, my person is defined by what I am not; not a Moslem, not a Christian, not a ‘believer’, not a true child of God and even worse negative descriptions!
Very few would interpret my statement to mean I trust and accept what Buddha taught and that like the parent analogy, I can also acknowledge and accept the truth brought to mankind by Teachers like Muhammad and Jesus, the Son of God! I am judged and branded without further ado and religious branding is very extreme!
By Truth here, I mean the real words of Buddha and other truth bringers! Not the interpretations, creeds, doctrines, observances and modes of worship which have ensued from inadvertently mixing the traditions, history and social norms at the time of the truth bringers with the Pure Truth they brought! I am thus, specifically referring to their True Teachings and not the religions and personality cults woven around the truth bringers!
Anyone who is privileged to read the untainted, transmitted accounts of the life and times of these truth bringers, with an open mind, will definitely perceive the Immeasurable Grace bestowed on humanity by their missions on earth! With Divine guidance, they were placed at different times and in different cultures/races to raise the collective consciousness of humanity from one level to the other!
Through countless un-celebrated Sages as well as renowned ones like Krishna, Zoroaster, Lao tse, Cassandra in Atlantis, Buddha, Moses, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Prophet Muhammad down to Abd-ru-shin, mankind has received the truth unblemished! Each teaching dovetails into the other to form a luminous flight of steps: some at the bottom and some at the top, each forming an inevitable step in the stairway to spiritual maturity and emancipation!
If religion had evolved without prejudice like science and technology, today’s humanity would have recognized which piece each Messenger added to the spiritual consciousness jigsaw puzzle! They would have gone past bitter inter and intra religious rivalry, violent conversions, fanaticism and intolerance! They would have drawn the line between the truth and contrived creeds, dogmas and doctrines!
They would recognize and believe the truth irrespective of whether it issues from the mouth of a Bishop, an Imam or the Dalai Lama!
In accord with this recognition, they would only worship the Source and Fountain-head of Truth, radiantly enthroned above all the worlds…..GOD (name in English language)! To God alone, in gratitude, they would dedicate their lives! Because:

7 thoughts on “RELIGION, BELIEFS AND WORSHIP! (religionists are extreme believers of some sort!)

  1. Each teaching dovetails into the other to form a luminous flight of steps . . . nice :-)

    If you were to see God not as an entity, but as a state of being . . . wouldn’t that complete the circle for you?


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