Between the BLOG and the BLOGGER, who’s who?

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About two weekends ago, our small ‘self-contained’ town had a power outage! With constant assurances from electricity engineers that it was a small matter which would be fixed ‘any moment from now’ and the fact that the unusual outage caught us unprepared, we had to sit out the ‘small matter’!
By the time power was restored, ‘any moment from now’ lasted from Friday morning to Monday evening! This was a record down time and frustrating blogging leave! Mobile devices just wouldn’t serve well. In any case one had to go slow with the devices so as to conserve battery power for calls and other basic services! Tempers rose and things really came to a head by Sunday evening!
At one point, I calmed my nerves, paused and asked myself: Why am I fretting and fussing about not meeting the weekend posting schedule; not being able to reach out and share my thoughts? Why are blogging concerns almost overshadowing the gloom, stale food items and other inconveniences around? After all, I hardly post more than three items in a week!
Just then the truth hit me! It was not about posting!
I was actually missing blogging friends I have not met and probably will never meet but, who have touched the cords of my soul with thoughts, with essays, with pictures, audios and videos; and the rare ones like Belén Soto who captures nature beings and forms with delicate exquisite ceramic sculptures! Friends from every clime, for every mood, every season and reason!
I realized that blogging has a living essence which looms larger than the blogger’s life style. It also dawned on me that I had gotten it wrong and only flattered my ego when I set out believing I was blogging “to share my thoughts and passion with the world”! How short-sighted was I to have mistaken the dessert for the main meal and valued the icing above the cake?
The main meal and cake in spirituality, philosophy, religion and God-consciousness blogging is that you are creating an avenue to learn from the world! By an unseen hand you are led to a rich variety of minds who teach you, provoke you into deep reflection, test your beliefs and sometimes confuse you. Minds that gradually become your daily routine and oracle, and in the process, strengthen your consciousness and spiritual maturity!

And a second lesson! While I was fretting and moaning, Purpleraysblog was rocking with follows, likes, comments, re-blogs and views!
So little baby Purplerays has a life of its own untouched by the circumstances of the hands, brains and helpers that toiled to conceive, create and nurture it? Or, was it the usual short-lived bravado of a toddler? All the same, the blog, unlike the rest of us, survived the down-time unscathed!
Thanks to the power outage. It turned out to be the proverbial dark cloud with a silver lining! A luminous lining which radiated both light and sound from which we could divine the message:

Blogs Have Life and Blogging is a Way of Life; a Life-style!

10 thoughts on “Between the BLOG and the BLOGGER, who’s who?

  1. Wonderful piece – loved your analogy about the desert and the main meal… you’re so right blogging does have a life of its own, and so does the Conversation !
    I was also intrigued that you had the same experience that I did when i stopped blogging for six weeks or so, followers kept on clicking on, stats went on rising ad falling, and people were reading without any blogging or jogging of their elbow from me… blogging is a fascinating phenomenon, linking like minds around the world… lovely isn’t it… birds of a feather all flocking together magically among 42,000,000 other bloggers !!!


    • Its amazing how the natural selection process works and the deep finds the deep. Also intriguing is just when you are bothered by an issue it seems as if your friends get the message and post copiously on the issue.


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