Motherhood!….Part 5 {Whither Womanhood}


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“Generally, mothers are accorded a great deal of love and respect, even above fathers! ….

Cherishing dear mommy is usually the nurturing ground for love and other virtues! …..

In religion, parent-honor is almost a form of worship! Virtually every religion carves a special top-notch niche for fathers and mothers…….”

Above excerpts are from our last essay “Motherhood…….Part 4 {Children, Honor Fathers and Mothers}, exemplifying the praises, accolades and appreciation showered on motherhood and parenthood in general! At every turn, motherhood praises are deafening! In songs, poetry and prose, motherhood is cast in gold and eulogized in every culture, race and creed! Little wonder the whole earth is referred to as “Mother Earth”!
As things stand, motherhood seems to be rated above womanhood or regarded as the defining factor and crown of womanhood!
In not-so-liberal cultures, barrenness or, not bearing the ‘right gender’ of children is considered the fault of the woman and enough grounds for dissolving a marriage or desecrating it with impunity!
Many acclaimed preachers and religious teachers tell us that we are here to multiply, increase and fill the earth and where a middle-aged woman is not part of this multiplication equation, she is not fulfilling a Divine ordinance. Special counselling and prayer sessions are arranged to “remove the hand the devil” from her!
Medical and maternal health sciences are firing on all cylinders in the rush for motherhood! Every procedure imaginable is adopted to place a child in the bosom of every woman and they are achieving astounding results!
But, let us pause for reflection! Is this nerve-racking frenzy for child-bearing worth it? Is motherhood the vocation and the main reason why women come to the earth? Is the woman who is unable to bear children cursed or, has she failed in her womanhood task? What is the true vocation of woman?
These mind-boggling questions shall form the main subject of our next and concluding essay on our Motherhood Series.
It has been a long journey in which we explored how to spiritually prepare for motherhood and attract the right souls as children, child care and upbringing in accordance with the Will of the Almighty. Also, we highlighted the immense sacrifices mothers make and the amazing grace of true motherhood!
In the next piece, we shall examine the burden mankind has placed on women in the name of motherhood and seek answers to the question…whither womanhood?

12 thoughts on “Motherhood!….Part 5 {Whither Womanhood}

  1. My good friend, I totally agree with you. There is one thing people seems to forget, the bible says ”that everything has its own time” – Ecclesiastes : 3 : 1- 8. No matter how anxious we are about anything, if it is not God’s time for it, it will be like beating an empty drum. God created everybody differently and that is why He is God. If one woman gave birth to her child at the age of 25 years, that does not mean every woman must give birth to theirs at the same age. We human place pressure on things without waiting for God’s appointed time. There is fear because of medical report about women’s fertility but we forget that God does not place a limit to which women can bear children. I have heard of a woman who gave birth to her child when she was above 50 years. I believe it will be better if women can be allowed to live without the pressure of child bearing in their matrimonial home.


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