Mother’s Love, Priceless Love!


“There is nothing like the protection of a mother.
I have heard of mothers doing crazy things for their children. There are all kinds of incredible stories out there about this.
Periodically in the news you hear about a mother who lifts an entire car to release their pinned child trapped underneath.
Mothers run into burning building to save their children. Or you hear stories about a mother giving a child a new kidney or life-saving organ.
Mothers violently fight against any threat whatsoever it is that faces their child – it does not matter how great it is. When a mother feels that a child is threatened it is as if her own flesh and blood is threatened, for that child of her womb is of her own body – that child whom she birthed and nursed.
If necessary mothers will die protecting their children, and do so without thinking twice about it.”

– Rev. Michael Larson on



Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

17 thoughts on “Mother’s Love, Priceless Love!

  1. You know I didn’t get to enjoy it in this life time. BUT I do get to give it to my children. Maybe that’s why it’s so special to me. I know what it means to really love your children. My mom is still a child herself, still looking for the love that she never got or gives. I used to be envious of all those children’s who’s mothers could love them like that, but I have grown, transformed and with each new layer that’s peeled away, I am gaining my own strength of loving myself. To me that is priceless because it shows just how important love is and how willing I am to heal.


    • True; the love of one’s self is a starting point! This entails recognizing your true essence as a spirit spark and aligning this essence to the Living Laws in Creation. As your alignment improves, love unfolds naturally starting with self and enveloping other humans, creatures and your environment. Your children, the offspring of your womb, stand very close and dear to your heart and so they hold a special position in your expression of love. Mothers cannot help but go the extra mile to love their children!


      • Yes, but you haven’t met my mother! lol She doesn’t even have any interest in knowing my children. They are itty bitties and she is scared of them. She is scared to love and she lives in her little bubble making sure the world is safe and keeps her from opening up. Years ago I asked her if she ever wondered why she had a child that loved so big. She said it wasn’t my job to take that on! OMG….what kind of response is that? LOL I try and use her as comic relief nowadays. She’s full of them.


        • That is why you are there; to teach her and her likes love! That way you give her the opportunity to redeem her soul; and you..through the struggle to re-direct your mother towards the right paths, you also taste of what was once your wrong volition and life path. With a strong resolve not to indulge in such propensities you thereby relieve yourself of a Karmic burden even if she refuses to change. You gain and your spirit rejoices over this. So continue to show her how to love and not regarding her as a comic relief! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and do have a great week ahead!


  2. I would like to say I love your blog and the wonderful and beautiful things you share as well as the inspiration and smiles you bring in doing so! Thank you for being you and I hope even if you do not accept awards you will accept the sentiment expressed as I honor you with one. There is no prize that comes with the award other than my appreciation and being grateful you are part of our world and making a difference by sharing in such a positive way…
    I have posted the award and link to it here I hope you will accept it or at least the sentiment behind it!

    With love,


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