An Interview with Soumya Vilekar

Soumya’s book “Suroor of the Soul” is definitely a goodread for the spiritually minded and lovers of fine poetry! It’s a deep inner journey! You can savor a foretaste of the rich content of the book by checking out her short poems at

85 Degrees

A few days ago, Soumya Vilekar agreed to give an interview about “Suroor of the Soul” and here is how it went — very interesting I must say.



In some of your poems, you acknowledged God as the most Supreme Being, the Maker of all things. Do you believe in life after death? If so, can you paint a picture of this new journey?

Soumya: First of all, Thanks to you, Uzo, for lending me a platform to express my views and have a word with all of you! Life is a beautiful journey which has different contours throughout its path and is varicolored. Each one of us have experienced its different façade  of joy, sorrow, sadness, grief, misery and the virtual happiness at some moment or other in life. What we see or acknowledge here on Earth as human form is just a part of a wonderful enchanting…

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