Marriage and Womanhood Part 2…..Let them be WOMEN before wives!

“It is thoroughly hammered into the girl that her life will be joyless unless she can go through it at the side of a husband, and that otherwise she will never be taken seriously. Wherever a member of the female sex turns she sees the glorification of earthly love, with maternal bliss as its highest aim! Thus, due to artificial pressure, the idea is formed that every girl who cannot achieve this is to be pitied and has partly wasted her time on earth. From the moment of her birth all thoughts, all desires and all plans are aimed at this, which is so deeply engrained as to become a part of her very flesh and blood. But all this is a very clever move by Lucifer with the purpose of debasing human womanhood!”

The passage above is taken from The Grail Message “In The Light of Truth” by Abd-ru-shin. It illustrates the plight or, better said, the transgression on womanhood!
Over the ages, mankind has led womanhood into conditioned freedom; just as it has done with wildlife! At best the animals are allowed to roam free in large reserves and sprawling ecosystems like the Serengeti of East and Central Africa. The human caretakers go to great lengths, at great costs to protect and preserve the animals! Why?
Not out of love for the animals as fellow creatures of the Most High but, for amusement and to attract tourists, for filming and photographing, for experiments, researches and for preservation so that future generations will still have the species to amuse themselves!
These creatures are nevertheless lucky and we must commend the ‘minders’ who treat their ‘wards’ humanely, with respect for conscious life! Their counterparts who are restrained in confinement, cages, aquariums, chains and leashes, are far less fortunate!
For womanhood, next to outright discrimination, the stiff shackles, chains and leashes round her neck are marriage and motherhood!
This may not be obvious in liberal societies where the woman has a considerably free choice in who and how many times she marries, gets a good bargain if the marriage is wrongfully terminated by the other party and, sadly though, can marry a fellow woman! Like the animistic souls in the hills, streams and valleys of Serengeti, she is free to gambol and roam wild!
Even as she basks in this freedom, let’s look closer; ask her religious parents, watch her relations during family reunions and family events, and you notice how delighted they are that Alice attended with a husband and lovely siblings in tow! Not so with big Ann: consummate professional, well connected and respected in society; she has everything going for her except that in the family eye, she is ‘yet to settle down’ why?….. because she’s still single!
Turn to other climes and cultures and you will feel the heavy burden of marriage on womanhood! If she is not betrothed at birth, she is given out as early as 10 to a man five times her age with three or four wives and children old enough to be the tender bride’s parents. Her consent is neither sought nor, does it count anyway!
With the gait and mentality of a peacock, men are free to keep harems and retinues of wives/concubines but the woman must stick to one husband! Her education, training and so called, special puberty rites all prepare the girl-child for one target and destiny…. marriage and motherhood!
Not done yet! Woe, betide her if the husband is deemed to have died premature! She is subjected to every inhuman treatment imaginable including being locked up in a room with the corpse of the husband for as long as custom dictates! She has no right or voice to protest; after all, “women are supposed to be seen not heard”.
Sadly, sadly, in some cultures, the manipulation and abuse of womanhood in the name of marriage and motherhood are nothing short of slavery! We speak out of first hand heart-rending experience!
Make no mistake about this discussion! It is not about feminism, women emancipation and empowerment. But, in all simplicity it is about allowing marriage and womanhood to be what the Creator ordained them to be!
In our essay, “Marriage and Womanhood” we explained what an ideal marriage is and will now add that even in the most ideal situation, marriage targets earthly joy and material bliss. It is the emotions evoked therewith which reach out to the ethereal and animistic realms and both still lie bellow the spiritual realms, Paradise, the Home of human spirits.
So, all this glorification, all this deification of marriage and motherhood is an unwitting glorification of the animistic, i. e. the animal instincts in us! It amounts to giving to our instincts what rightly belongs to our spirits; the very essence of our humanity!
Womanhood on other hand reaches up to the Primordial Spiritual Realms of Creation, the foot of God’s Throne. Wherever womanhood stands her task is the same: the mediation of Light Power, virtues and ideals from higher realms for the ennoblement of her environment and other creatures around her. Through her delicate intuitive perception, she is the only creature best endowed and capable of mediating this higher Light Power!
The earthly woman is no different and can still perform her task of True Womanhood without marriage, nor, is marriage a requirement or passport to spiritual maturity and the Kingdom of God!
Groom girl-children to become women rather than force or coarse them to become wives and mothers! Like budding roses, let them unfold their womanhood naturally. That way they would freely grow into their ordained vocation and voluntarily chose their life paths on earth. If they so choose, they would become better wives and mothers than the caricatures and ‘hothouse plants’ we have so far produced by contrived marriages!
See you next week on Motherhood and big thank you for coming this far! Patience and the online reader are strange bedfellows!

4 thoughts on “Marriage and Womanhood Part 2…..Let them be WOMEN before wives!

  1. The origin of marriage is entirelly pragmatic and is centrered around the task of having and raising children successfully. Being pregnant, nursing and raising young children means a woman cannot gather resources for herself. In fact she (and the child) require resources to be provided for her during this period. A woman and her extended family and community simply COULD NOT AFFORD for her to get pregnant with a man who then disappeared off into the night.

    For thousands of years (and until very recently) families and whole communities routinely starved due to bad weather, poor harvest, illness etc. The extra burden of a mother with child but no man around could prove disastrous for the whole community.

    Marriage was literally a contract which a man had to sign BEFORE he was let anywhere near a woman. By signing this contract he was agreeing to stick around and provide the necessary resources to her and the inevitable children which would result from their relationship. This took the pressure of the woman’s extended family and community. The social stigma of the ‘loose woman’ was also a way to deter women from seeking sex outside of marriage – this stigma was (and still is) a form of contraception, if you like, in an age before the pill or effective condoms.

    We might think of marriage as the invention of our genes, to ensure their survival. Marriage puts the needs of the baby first, then the mother, then the man.

    In recent times it has been fashionable to think of marriage (or long term relationships in general) in exclusively terms of a male/ female negotiation. This totally disregards the primary reason for marriage which is the needs of the children.

    Even if a woman can support herself financially studies show that a child raised without a father is going to be at a significant disadvantage. Fatherless upbringing is the number one predictor for childhood dysfunction including depression, crime, gang violence, unwanted teenage pregnancies, drug abuse as well as unpleasant personality disorders such as narcissism and lack of empathy.

    Women who CHOOSE to become single mothers as a ‘lifestyle choice’ and who accept welfare from the state are literally CHOOSING to swap (co) dependency on peaceful, honest men who EARN their wealth, with dependency on the state which obtains all of its wealth by force. Plus they are putting their children at a significant disadvantage for the reasons already given.

    The bottom line is that having children requires sacrifices for both men and women. The same is true of learning to be a concert pianist, or becoming a successful entrepreneur. We all accept that if we aren’t willing to invest huge amounts of time, effort and resources into your new business from scratch it will probably fail.

    But very few people are willing to accept that if we we aren’t willing to invest huge amounts of time, effort and resources into parenting (raising a new human being from scratch!) it will also probably fail.


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