Naked Queens!

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The world is going naked and women are leading the way! What was considered a social inhibition and discomfort generations ago is now the norm and ‘in thing’! What was practiced in private clubs, restricted beaches and conclaves is now paraded in street shows and carnivals.
Nudity has become a philosophy, a culture, a political movement and by current trend, a religion! Called nudism or naturism, the philosophy propagates and defends the practice of private and public, i e, social nudity; the freedom of nakedness and a special female variety known as topfreedom or, toplessness!
Interestingly, among other principles, naturism/nudism teaches that there is no difference between man and animals! Meaning, if your dog can stroll in the park without panties, why can’t you do same and why should anyone condemn or question you?
Whether, as a philosophy or, in sports, entertainment, fashion, recreation, social and porn media, etc; the woman of today leads the pack in thin clothing and body exposure. The male runner wears shorts and boxers while his female counterpart wears G-strings and contraptions that barely cover her vital parts!
Far be it from us to condemn anybody’s chosen life-style! We are not competent to judge our fellow humans who like us, stand before and at the mercy of a higher, impartial and inflexible Will of the Almighty!
We may however, mention an irony! This clothes-shy modern woman would hardly imagine truly noble women like Mother Teresa and Indira Gandhi in public clad in bikini! She would definitely be shocked beyond words if Her Majesty the Queen were to roll out her bike and join the World Nude Bike Ride in London or step out of Buckingham Palace topless. That would be abominable, condemnable and unbefitting of a queen and royalty! Yet, same cannot be said of the modern woman who in her own right is a noble woman.Is she not? Or, is it a case of what is good for the goose, is only good for the goose?
Mother Teresa, Indira Gandhi, Queen Elizabeth 11 and their likes will not walk naked in public not because of their piety, office or royalty but because they bear within a treasure, a jewel and seal of true womanhood. This treasure is not restricted to any class, race, religion or, creed but, could be found among women in every walk of life: in the milk girl, the struggling mother, the chamber maid, unsullied youth, the chief executive, up to the corridors of political power. This jewel is— The Sense of Shame! This is what defines the womanhood in a woman!
A woman who has no sense of shame does not deserve to be called a woman and, a woman’s sense of shame is a reflection of her spiritual worth in Creation!
……so, when the modern woman drops her clothes in public without qualms or throws all moral caution to the wind, she is only displaying the lowly condition of her soul. It shows that she has stepped out of her lofty estate both in soul and body. The body is no longer a temple for the honor and worship of the Most High!
The revered vessel, queen and angel has descended so low as to dance naked in the village square!
You can then understand the admonition in the old saying:

“When the gods want to destroy a man they first make him mad but, when they want to destroy a woman, they make her shameless”

32 thoughts on “Naked Queens!

  1. I agree that it would be shocking to see the Queen or Mother Teresa naked in public. I also agree that it wouldn’t have been befitting to those women in the roles they played. But what if Mother Teresa had shown her breasts? So what? Does that really mean her soul is in a lowly condition? In my own personal spiritual journey eliminating shame and guilt has been a priority. I don’t believe everyone should behave or believe as I do, I just wanted to share that I don’t think it is fair to judge a woman or a man who feels no shame about his/her nude form. Hiding our nudity was part of the Fall, when we decided we know better than God what is best for us. Sometimes I wonder, what if we were all naked more of the time? Would we stop applying lust to the nude form and learn to see each other as equals in the eyes of God? Indigenous tribes throughout history (including in some rare places today) have no moral problems with nudity and I don’t think of those women as shameless.

    I hope you don’t mind me thinking out loud in your comments. I think the post is interesting and definitely glad that you shared it! Thank you, as always for sharing your insights! <3

    • You’re always welcome here and I know for sure your comments are usually made in good faith. Like this last one, it gives a different thought-provoking perspective to the subject which makes the conversation very refreshing. Thanks, I am still digesting your views!

  2. This is exactly why I made the decision to leave our once decent America. The fall of Adam and Eve occurred because they took their eyes of him and put them on earthly and sinful things. Inherently the male and female body are beautiful and are supposed to be temples. But we must remember that after the fall their eyes were not on God, therefore a sinful eye will not look upon this temple as it was originally intended. The natural eye will never see in the spirit. God also tells us that if we continue to walk in sin that he will turn us over to a debased mind. I’ve asked the question to myself what is a truly debased mind and why would anybody walk there? The conclusion is when sin is more pleasant then pleasing God, sin usurps righteousness position and walking in it becomes normal behavior, therefore anything that oppose this is incorrect. Which ultimately leads to those who hate God’s word for it contradicts their belief in what they believe is correct. If a culture excepts these norms then Sodom and Gomorrah are right around the corner. I would submit to you to stand for righteousness and please God not man. Digesting is not necessary, spit it out.

  3. Interesting, a second ago I read almost identical theme on another blog (Tamoiovde), but from a completely different angle. Thank you, Purpleray, for spreading good vibrations.

  4. a thought-full provoking post…
    in each of us the Divine Source gave us free will…and with that will naturally come judgement
    from the ones who disagree or is a very human trait…
    being human there will always be an act of some kind of sin…again because we are human
    if we were perfect without sin….we would on the otherside of the veil…
    we can only be who we are and not deliberately hurt anyone while we are here…
    it is that choice of free will we were given that makes us similar but the diversity in thought and action evolves us …..
    wonderful post PurpleRays….
    Take Care…You Matter…

  5. Again, I think, it comes down to the question, should that which is sacred and beautiful be kept private and hidden in order to protect it’s sanctity, or should it be shared with the world so others can appreciate it? Most often I opt for the latter. My personal belief is that the only sin is the concept of sin. Before the fall, Adam and Eve wandered about naked, did they not? And there was nothing wrong with that. But when they gained knowledge of evil, they looked upon their bodies with shame, turning a gift from God into a source of disgust. That, I think, is the real sin.

  6. Thanks so much for your support and for following me. I will not hesitate to follow you for the wisdom God has placed in you. I pray that the Lord will give you the grace to fulfill that which He has called you to do, to the glory of His name in the name of Jesus Christ.

    • I am humbled by the blessing pouring from the fresh fountain of your heart! I lack the appropriate words of appreciation but, my prayer is that may His Grace abide and strengthen you in the name of His dear Son Jesus Christ!

  7. Interesting post and I respect it immensely. Being an advocate of tolerance to each his own as long as one doesn’t hurt another. I would beg to differ with a point you made, however, to quote yours, “Interestingly, among other principles, naturism/nudism teaches that there is no difference between man and animals! Meaning, if your dog can stroll in the park without panties, why can’t you do same and why should anyone condemn or question you?” The human condition, especially deranged minds, are not ready for this. Witness a woman who just two days ago commented to a post at my place that she was at a nude beach and was raped. The human body is a thing of magical beauty, miraculous like the rest of living creatures, unfortunately a covering is necessary in most places to keep it protected. Thank you for allowing my comment. Respectfully, Paulette

    • Thanks for your comment! I guess I was over-dramatic with the remarks you quoted! The general idea in the post was to show how far the modern woman has gone in exposing her body but, without being judgmental! For sure not every mind is ready for naturism/nudism, I for one do not subscribe to it but, I am against any extreme measure against it as some religions and governments try to enforce! We should constantly point out the pitfalls of shameless public display of the body but let each individual be his/her own judge.
      Thanks again for stopping by and please rest assured that Purplerays welcomes all shades of opinions. That’s the only way we can learn from others and grow! Best regards!

  8. My hope would be that women recognize and realize the utter beauty and attracting power of their bodies, and cover their bodies out of awareness and respect for that power. It’s not really about shame or modesty… it’s about the misuse and degradation of the attracting power. Beautiful clothing can be attractive enough… the naked body is for the lover.

  9. Interesting, this. There’s that female political group who, whenever they make a statement, they do it topless. I just don’t comprehend it. I’m not judging and saying don’t do, I’m just saying men love to see tits and seeing their tits doesn’t mean they will listen to the message – they won’t hear the message, MOST likely, as they’ll be ogling the tits. So kudos to them for bravery and forthrightness, but I just don’t know why women take off their clothes and call it a statement. Well, it’s a common statement…

    • It’s a common statement but, a bad statement if you ask me! I’d rather take a decently dressed feminist who delivers a lecture at the street corner more serious than one who delivers same message at the UN or church podium topless! But that’s just me; its a free world and I have no right to question or judge anybody’s choices! Thanks for sharing your usual deeply insightful comments! Best regards!

  10. I really agree with you. Nudity is not going to give anything but a shameless image. Women leads in every field and your examples are just perfect. As I begun with your post I thought that you’ll ADVOCATE nudity in our country but you changed in the end.
    Really MERE freedom for Women’s nudity is not going to help much and if it happens so then I’ll have to write a post for women’s counterpart :)

    • Thanks Rahul, for sharing your thoughts! The idea behind the post is to first highlight the extent to which nudity has gone public and gradually lead the reader to see why we think it is spinning out of control but, without sounding judgemental or condemning! Again, thanks for stopping by!

  11. Oh man not only do I not want to see the Queen naked, I do not want to see me naked.
    The sense of shame is what I believe creates her modesty and good sense if that makes sense.
    I like what you wrote here and find it very much to my liking.

  12. “so, when the modern woman drops her clothes in public without qualms or throws all moral caution to the wind, she is only displaying the lowly condition of her soul”
    powerful lines….shared this on my FB page

  13. I love your wonderful blogs, they both challenge and inspire me and they bless me greatly. You are a gifted writer with a wonderful eye for life which makes for a great read :)

    I can’t get the image of the queen riding a bike topless!!! lol.

    Enjoy the rest of the week God bless you lots and keep up the great work :)

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