The Festival of Womanhood!


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From the 6th to 8th of September, adherents of The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin, will participate in the Festival of The Pure Lily! The essence of this festival is not reserved for the adherents alone but, for the re-invigoration of purity in Creation; a special bestowal of purifying Light Power on Womanhood in particular and humanity in general. It is therefore, a toast to Womanhood!
Womanhood! So much ‘Light’ streams through womanhood when it lives aright and pure! Endowed with a delicate intuitive perception, woman is more capable of absorbing the pressure of Light Power and therefore, more equipped to stand and act in the Will of God! Man is by nature adapted to coarser, more vigorous and outward activities while woman is the inner shield, drawing higher powers for the nourishment and ennoblement of all living creatures and the environment. She is therefore more suited for the mediation of the flame of power in Creation but, she can only fulfill her high calling if she stands in purity!
Natalia de Lemeny Makedonova, in her book, “The Eternal Laws 1, 11, 111.” captures some earthly aspects of this innate capacity of womanhood in the following words:

“For ages, the woman has connected the man with the heights – with higher worlds, through her sensitivity and higher perceptibility. What she attracted from above, in the form of prototypes, virtues or ideals, the man has put into practice. This process took place often only subconsciously. Spiritual purity protected the woman like a lock from undesirable, negative influences.”

For this reason, womanhood is provided with a refreshing flow of purity as a protecting and strengthening tonic for her ordained task. Granting this need and as an Act of Immeasurable Love, the Almighty permits a recurring renewal of purity in Creation, at specific times. On earth, men and women who are conscious of this awesome Grace, assemble in the solemn September festival.
As usual, we identify with any up-building and peaceful religious/spiritual ceremony or, festival! In the spirit of this festival and as a token of appreciation, we are dedicating most of our essays and photo posts in the month of September to womanhood. We are also running a special category titled “Womanhood Quotes” featuring excerpts and quotations on womanhood!
In general, we would be reflecting on the spiritual perspectives of issues like earthly womanhood, marriage, motherhood, parenting, child care, etc.
Hail womanhood! The Guardians and Priestesses of Purity! Happy Festival, to everyone!


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11 thoughts on “The Festival of Womanhood!

  1. wonderful post and share of teh womanhood and its purity of existence. Co incidentally i posted on flowers of jasmine yesterday,which reflect the pure white elegance in their flowers and fragrance.


    • Insightful comments as usual! It’s no coincidence that you are posting on jasmine flowers, their ‘pure white elegance’ and fragrance at this time. Rather it’s most likely the prompting of your true woman soul. Just, maybe anyway! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  2. I believe it’s important to acknowledge our gender, because it, too, is ordained by God! And equally important is not to over-identify with that gender, using it as a crutch, an excuse, or to take advantage of others. Thank you for your posts, and these in particular; they are refreshing and enlightening! Blessings to you!


  3. WOMAN: Great power lies within her for the upliftment of the earth and its ethereal environment if only she uses it aright. She is ordained to be the guardian of the flame for the Holy Longing for the Light


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