Helping Words Part 2

Words that truly touch the soul!

A Wilderness Of Mirrors

Herbert Vollmann (1903–1999) was born in Germany. On his quest for spiritual values, he became acquainted with the Grail Message “In the Light of Truth”, written by Abd-ru-shin, and made it the content of his life. Mr. Vollmann has drawn his knowledge from this work, as well as through personal conversations with Abd-ru-shin.

Herbert Vollmann - Helping Words

High ideals are given to man. They lie slumbering in the depth of his soul. Let them awaken! Do not repress every stirring that would fill you with bliss.

Do not complain when suffering overtakes you. Bear it, and be strong! No suffering can approach you that you have not allowed to do so. But learn from it, and change in your inmost being, then it will drop away from you and you will become free.

Do not however deceive yourselves lest you exercise false compassion, but consider whether your good volition also truly benefits men!


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5 thoughts on “Helping Words Part 2

    • Just can’t say exactly how and when I got to your blog but, I remember I started with searching under Abd-ru-shin and at one point I landed. A WordPress blog with information on The Envoy of The Light? It was a delightful surprise!
      Rather disappointingly, I couldn’t access your blog from my re-blog page because your setting is on private and requires permission which doesn’t seem to be forthcoming. You may please wish to reset and allow easy access. There’s so much for the serious mind on your blog. Joyful wishes!


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