Where is the great Beyond?


What is the beyond? What and where are non-physical worlds? Can you explain life outside the earth and the visible physical cosmos? These and similar questions streamed into our mail box after posting “Phantom Limb Syndrome….Part 1”. For this reason, we decided to delay the second installment of the series and put out some feelers to our friends and readers. Today’s post is one of such feelers:
From the questions and reactions to our previous essays on non-physical phenomena, we could discern three groups of human beings in these matters: the carefree, the rigid and the aware!
The carefree are the everyday Joes and Anns; the vast majority of humanity who hardly make time for anything outside the everyday pursuit of bread, comfort and fun, “I have more important things to worry about; let the idle, the frustrated and charlatans occupy themselves with such morbid imaginations”. Yet, as soon as they are confronted by an event they cannot readily explain, which renders them hapless, they suddenly ponder “Maybe there’s more to this earthlife? Maybe there is a god or, gods and realms outside here after all?”
The second group comprise the large multitude of religionists and ‘believers’ who have a 3-dimensional perspective of existence: Hell……Earth……Heaven. In their perception, hell is occupied by the devil and wickedness, the earth by humans and the Heavens by angels and Light beings! At death, you either go to Heaven or Hell; the choice is yours– be good (Pardon the language) and go straight on to heaven and live among the saints; be bad and you are consigned to hell and its waiting room of Purgatory! Furthermore, that the earth is more under the spell of hell than the benevolence of heaven, and by coming here at all, you are a sinner from birth!
For sure, the perception of the believer-group contains some Truths and commendable respect for the Almighty, but, it is like rice grains mixed with sand; not healthy for consumption unless carefully picked and washed before cooking! To them, the physical is surrounded by dark harmful entities followed by a long void which stretches all the way up to heaven; any mention of spirit, elementals, astral, ethereal, astrology, mediumship and the like is ghost talk, spooky, unwholesome and evil communication! A trifling with familiar (wicked) spirits!
These ones don’t really ask, they virtually warn against meddling with or probing the other world. “Faith is the word, brothers and sisters, not questioning,” they counsel!
The third group is made up of the adherents and ‘masters’ of the esoteric, spiritists, clairvoyants and others who have experienced or had contact with the other world. They can be found in sects, orders, societies, gnostic religions, etc. Their descriptions of the beyond are rather wide and varied! Each school of thought has its own classification! From 3, 7 to 14 planes of existence; from a confusing mixture of planes, regions and realms to mind-boggling classifications like causal, supracausal, etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual, divine spheres of existence
Adding to the intrigue, some popular movements declare that planes and spheres are not places but, states of consciousness; just conditions of the human soul! With complicated reasoning, they explain that there is really no ‘other world’, no tangible substantiality outside the physical world.
As you dig into these teachings, you get the feeling that you are given only few pieces of a jig-saw puzzle. Like trying to make sense out of the accounts of the men in the old Indian story, “Blind Men And The Elephant.” Each account says something about the elephant, but does not tell you what the elephant really is! Even when you put together the accounts of all the blind men, you still don’t get a full picture of the elephant! Where then can we find the box with complete pieces of the puzzle?
….so, we end up with the starting question: “What is the beyond?” Grateful for responses either as comments on this post or through our email: jonathanudo@gmail.com




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9 thoughts on “Where is the great Beyond?

  1. My experiences with meditation, Reiki, Tarot, Yoga, psychedelics, and general study have led me to believe that the “beyond” is the expansion of awareness. The more fully aware we are the more we can travel to different states of Being. In this lifetime, I hope to make the transition of “death” (i.e.the death of my physical form) consciously. I am working towards expanding my understanding of “self” to the Soul level and with each illusion I break down I feel myself become lighter, more loving, more expansive and more in sync with the natural world. I hope that on my death bed, whenever that may be, I will be willing to part with my physical form totally because the “beyond” is a realm of creativity, expansion and Unity.

    Thanks for this beautiful, thought-provoking post!


    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts! It is also my wish and prayer that when the time comes for me to depart this earthlife, the detachment from the physical body should be peaceful and smooth and be spared any ‘deathbed struggle’! Thanks again for your usual enlightenment!


  2. One

    Before the beginning there was the Unknown.

    In the beginning the Unknown split into two parts.

    One part remains the unknown,
    the other formed the heavens and the earth.

    Man, unable to understand the Unknown, either worships it or denies it’s existence.

    There are some things in life that must be experienced in order to understand them.

    Listening to music.

    The taste of a fresh peach.

    The touch of a lover.

    The scent of fresh rain in a forest.

    The view from the top of a mountain.

    In all these cases, to deprive the senses from experiencing, is to deprive the knowing.

    The Tao must also be experienced.

    Give her a name and she becomes a religion.
    Ignore her and she will never cease knocking at your door.


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