Awards Bounty from the Humble Prince!


Early this week, the highly respected Ajaytao of splashed the blogging community with awards. To every nominee he gave the options to choose two (2) or three (3) from a collection of thirteen (13) awards. This gesture, set off a string of goodwill and friendly sharing!
Purplerays had the rare honor of two nominations! One with 2 slots for our post, “What do Blog Awards Mean to You? (A Shining example by Morgan), and, the other with 3 slots for, “WALK BY FAITH”! These were joyful moments not only because of the bountiful number of slots, but, also because of the hand they came from. Like we once said, “The life and essence of an award lies in the hand of the giver”.
Ayataov and his work require no introduction. He is one of the shining lights and occupies a place among the royal ranks in the Blogging Kingdom. His blog has something for everyone in any mood and in any circumstance! Yet, in humility he makes no big claims for the great work and all the time he puts in on daily basis to keep the blog ever fresh! No grand-standing; just a willingness to share his passions! Hear him:
I cannot express myself properly. I don’t know how to put it in words but still let me try & tell you all, that whatever content, I have put in my blog, is everything which I am too passionate about, may it be ‘ Pictures, Books, Ebooks, Poetry, Religious Text, Quotes etc etc ; everything is just directly what I liked from my heart.
Photography is a hobby(advanced), Writing is a hobby, Graphic Designing a hooby. Compilation & Reading a hobby, so the point is, I don’t want to take any credit as to what I do, or to what I have posted on this blog. I just want to share everything possible with you all.
Just straight from my heart hope you all will like it. Please bear with me

This is a lesson in humility and Vintage Ajaytao!
We appreciate the honor and wish to pass it on to all our friends, readers and viewers. You are the real spirit and bearers of Purple Rays!

10 thoughts on “Awards Bounty from the Humble Prince!

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