A Laurel for HONESTY!


CREDIT: Photo and story by Sun Gazing on Facebook

Meet Billy Ray Harris, a homeless man who returned an engagement ring worth thousands after a woman accidentally dropped it into his change cup. The owner of the ring was Sarah Darling. Ms. Darling and her fiance set up a fundraising page to thank him. With the $180,000 raised from public donations, Mr. Harris has been able to buy a house and get a job.

7 thoughts on “A Laurel for HONESTY!

  1. That is a fairytale we are always longing for, at least I am: to find something valuable, return it to the owner and be rewarded with what I need more, and that is not money, but my idea of bliss, love and prosperity. Great story, congratulat6ions to Laurel and to his benefactors.


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