What do Blog Awards Mean to You? {A shining example by Morgan}


Last week, Purplerays was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. This nomination was particularly special and full of pleasant vibes! Why so special? Is every award not special? Is it your first award or your first time of receiving this award? These and many more questions you may ask!
True, every award is special, a gift, an appreciation and a handshake! However what makes an award ‘particularly’ special; what makes a handshake warm and even turn it to an intimate hug, is the enthusiasm and value the person who nominated you attaches to the award. The life and essence of an award lies in the hands of the giver!
Nine-tenth of bloggers take blog awards for granted and when they ‘have the time’ to acknowledge a nomination, they do so as a matter of courtesy! No problem with that; everyone should have the right and discretion to acknowledge, accept or reject a gift! But why pass them on? Why nominate and pass on an award that means little of nothing to you?
The good, happy and engaging bloggers on WordPress deserve much more than cold patronizing!
Many thanks to Morgan of http://booknvolume.wordpress.com who nominated us! Her enthusiasm was infectious; the excitement ‘came through’ real big. Have a ‘feel’ of her words:

“Richard Ankers has honored me more than I can say by nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award. For someone who only started blogging two months ago, this is as amazing to me as it is thrilling and I literally had to get up and do a happy dance before I could think clearly again Thank You Ever So Much Richard”

Morgan is a versatile writer, no doubt! She has proven right the saying that when the blogger is ready, ideas come flooding from different directions! Although barely 2 months old, her blog has well over 220 unique, thought-provoking and sometimes almost eerie posts in 10 categories! Over 220 posts; increasing like clockwork by the day; definitely a blogging sensation in the making!
Her example speaks volumes: she received the award with joy and passed it on with joy! We her nominees could not but perceive and share in the joy! This is what makes the award a joyful experience!
….and you, dear friends, what value do you place on blog awards? If they mean nothing to you, you do not have to pass them on!
Share your warmth, not your unwanted baggage! That’s what friends are for!

6 thoughts on “What do Blog Awards Mean to You? {A shining example by Morgan}

  1. I cannot express to you how truly amazed and honored I am by your astonishingly touching post, except to say that before I could even finish reading it I had to stop for a good cry :) See….nomination (yours) very well deserved! HUGS! and SMILES :)


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