45 Likes in 3 Minutes! How Did He Do It?


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Last Tuesday, I opened my mailbox to find that one blogger (not a follower) had hit Purplerays with 45 likes. This kind of got my feelings mixed up!
For sure, I value every visitor to my blog, no matter how casual, and truly appreciate those who go further to like, comment, reblog, nominate, or, take any other similar action. More so, the blog has opened up a whole new world of warm friendship and selfless sharing! For this and many more reasons, I am eternally grateful to WordPress and my friends on the platform!
On the other hand, experience has shown that mass likers are impatient readers! They simply skim through your post, click some likes and move on. The big boys and big girls (bloggers) are the worst culprits! They don’t visit often and when they come calling, in a jiffy, they drop 4 or 5 likes; more like a pat on the back.
This fellow must have been around for a good while! Was he? So, I did a quick check and viola—this guy ‘went through’ 45 posts in 3 minutes 26 seconds! This to me was record shattering:
45 posts comprising, 37 text, and 8 photo materials all inside of 4 minutes; i.e. approximately 5 seconds per post?
I checked out his blog and believe me, he is not just another new kid on the block! With over 132,000 hits, 1,400 followers and an archive dating back to October, 2010, the guy has sure got a handle on blogging! What am I missing?
Unsure of what happened, I left his blog with the following message:
“Thank you for visiting my blog yesterday. You liked 45 posts in less than 5 minutes. I am just wondering how you covered so much in short a time. Please, how did you do it?”

Still waiting for a reply!

33 thoughts on “45 Likes in 3 Minutes! How Did He Do It?

  1. Easy! He/She didn’t read any of them. I think WordPress has its own sort of “phishing.” Someone hits you with a bunch of likes in hopes that it will lure you to their Site – trolling for followers or trying to sell something. Who knows? It always gives me a chuckle when that ha[[ens to me :) Namaste . . .


  2. Sadly true…and it sounds to me like he is blogging for the wrong reason. To me, its not about how popular you are. Its about creating and sharing something that is special to you; something that means enough to you that you took some time preparing it. It’s also about enjoying what others of a like mind (and value) offer. I, for one, enjoy your blog for the aforementioned reasons, regardless of how many likes I personally end up with ;)


  3. Looking forward to your sharing his reply though doubtful that he’ll respond. He’s been “outed” and kudos to you for having called him out. Your thoughts as to why he took that action are spot on. I continue to read and appreciate your posts.


  4. That was a real like :)
    I use the like button to let the author know that I read and appreciated the piece – usually the whole piece (but I have been known to drop out of a long post if I’m pushed for time.) I am not a big fan of leaving or receiving comments for the sake of doing so. (Exchanges such as: “Hey, great post” / “Thanks for stopping by” just bug me.


  5. There is nothing wondering about. He must be searching of his interest with folded eyes. So he couldn’t stop his curiosity at any point. Let him come again with a quest of something you may provide.


  6. Heh, now I have some idea why I get so many more likes and follows than commenters, which is what I’m chiefly after, feedback, another perspective to incorporate, another angle to view the world from. But there are a lot of people who like and follow me but then never engage in conversation, despite my frequent requests to do so. I don’t want a huge following that reduces real people with unique personalities and life experiences to just a statistic of number of followers, facebook friendcount, or what have you. Unfortunately so many seem to be doing just that. Ideally I’d like to know every one of my readers as the beautiful and unique individual that they are, like the relationship I try to have with my audience as a street performer.


    • You speak my mind to the letter! You were like writing my mission statement. I monitor my statistics alright but, I cherish warm interactions, friendly sharing and learning; the feeling that you are dealing with real active minds, even if they disagree with my views! BETTER ONE DISSENTING COMMENT THAN A 100 CASUAL LIKES. Thanks for your usually enlightening perspective!


  7. The second time I hit the ‘like’ button – accidentally of course – it will ‘unlike’. So if you have a succession of ‘likes’, I’m guessing he has a bot of some kind. Although I often wish there was a ‘love’ button for those spectacularly well done posts, I find a comment will communicate that sentiment just fine.


    • I sometimes want to like things twice because they are great! And sometimes comments are closed, which I feel sad about. But 45 likes in just over 3 minutes? My browser won’t even load pages that fast. I wonder how the upload of likes to WordPress works, though. I wonder if a bunch of likes collect and then all register simultaneously or if each registers individually. Sometimes my reader loses all the likes I put in, and I’ve wondered if that’s because they don’t register individually, so if the periodic upload fails, I lose a whole bunch. I don’t know. Perhaps it’s just a gremlin. I like to read posts and comment, but I don’t always have time. Sometimes I come back later and leave the comment. It’s not a perfect world.


  8. Good for you wanting real connections over the number of “Likes.” I, too, take time and Loving energy with my blogs and appreciate the same authenticity from my readers. I’ve read a couple of your blogs, up early from food poisoning or something crazy like that. But, yikes, I digress. His loss for not taking the time to explore the depths you traverse in your blogs. Niiiice. Thank you for the blog food you dish out. Am always hungry for that kind of food. Btw: I’m now going to follow you now. Thanks for visiting my blogs, too.


  9. I have also wondered about some bloggers… how they can support so many followers… one of them has 40,000… how do they manage reading and enjoying everyone…. I don’t think they can…and it makes me wonder why some people blog… For me it’s another kind of relationship and it takes two to tango… both sides have to work at it… or it’s not worth it…

    Or its the ego trying to get the most… or trying to sell something…

    But we understand the law of attraction don’t we… maybe in the beginning we bloggers, at least myself are eager to get started, but un-following people is also easy…. which I have done when I see and feel people are not really bothered… or it’s not my cup of tea…

    Happy writing… Barbara


    • Your observations are true! I have this ‘feel’ about my followers/those I follow. Sometimes I read a post on a strange blog and just tell myself it sounds like “Jane” and pronto; it’s a reblog from Jane. I also know the posting frequency of most of the blogs I interact with and quickly notice any slackening.
      For me, blogging is a great personal experience with real human beings far beyond statistics.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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