He who goes to a medium should go with a clean inner life!

In the essay “The Soul’s Pilgrimage Continues!” we alluded to the interaction between souls in the beyond and human beings on earth.
Soul-Earthman encounters! Be it through spiritism, mediumship, visions, hypnosis, projections, etc, they have always drawn sharply divided pros and cons. It is rather ridiculous that in this age and time, mankind is still debating whether there is life after death or not. Today’s essay is not about such unnecessary debate but, about some issues generally misunderstood by those who know something of or, have experienced these encounters.
By encounters we are referring to direct or remote contact with serious and well-meaning souls in the beyond! We thereby put aside contacts with the multitude of ignorant, blabbing and frequently malicious souls who as spiritual brigands and highwaymen only seek to confuse, frustrate and mislead. They are like miscreants and pick-pockets in a business district whose activities are far less than healthy.
On the earthly side, we also do not want to waste our breath on the horde of spiritists or, so called spiritualists in every society, who are either outright frauds or, charlatans who make so much noise out of their limited, patchy knowledge. With their palpable ignorance and commercialism, these self-proclaimed adherents are even more harmful to the truth than outright opponents.
Having cleared the field, we can now proceed with the seriousness and sincerity the matter deserves:
Let us take the common case of a man who is burdened by a dire problem! It could be a psychic disturbance, health challenge, marriage issue, or money/career problem. He approaches a clairvoyant, clairaudient, priest, channel or whatever name the medium goes by; and, a ‘sitting’ is arranged! As enlightened ones know, there are many opportunities and possibilities open to the medium; but, for the sake of this example, let us assume that a benevolent and light soul (maybe a departed friend or relative) volunteers advice and prescriptions for solving the issue within a time frame.
The enquirer feels relieved and with high hopes sets about to follow the prescriptions to the letter………… but alas, the ‘appointed time’ runs out and no solution in sight!
If he is of good volition, he would simply shake his head and move on with his life; but, from experience, if he is like the average Joe, his belief in such things will be utterly shaken and he is likely to vilify or go as far as demonizing all mediumistic and spiritist activities. He will roundly abuse their practitioners and openly declare that the conscious existence of human souls in the beyond is all hogwash and scam!
His negative reaction only betrays the poverty of his knowledge in these matters and clearly shows that he had overlooked or was mistaken about the very fundamental aspects of his quest!
In the first place, it was wrong for him to believe that every ‘voice from the beyond’ is infallible or the voice of God. This is also the bane of most religions! For instance, a guide in the beyond passes on a message to a prophet who with pious dignity renders this message as coming directly from the mouth of the Almighty. From then on, the message becomes a “God said” and forms part of a sacred scripture that must be obeyed and protected, at all cost, from ‘desecration’.
In all simplicity, when approached, well-meaning souls proffer information to the best of their knowledge. They may have greater mobility than earthmen and the benefit of hind sight, but, they are not omnipotent or omniscient! They could be likened to experienced, conscientious consultants who prescribe courses of action to the best of their abilities but, all the same, not infallible!
Secondly, the enquirer does not recognize that mediums add nothing of their own during a séance session. They are tools or instruments for transmission and should therefore not be blamed for failures in the outcome of their reports! Nor should they be glorified or revered on account of their successes. Mediums are servants or mouthpieces, and not leaders, chosen ones, saints, incarnations of divine beings or of other special status ascribed to them. They should therefore neither be victims of persecution nor objects of adoration!
Where then does the problem lie? Why are there inconsistencies in mediumistic reports and predictions?
Surprisingly, the answer lies where it is least sort for! The audience which in this case, is the enquirer; not by his outward adornment or standing in the society, but, by the state of his inner life. This ‘inner life’ includes his intuitive volition as well as other surrounding spiritual and ethereal vibrations of thought forms and karmic reactions. These sometimes cause so much interference that the medium is either completely hindered or, can only render disjointed or distorted messages to the audience.
Once again, we have cause to refer to the inestimable Work of Truth by Abd-ru-shin, “In The Light of Truth” (The Grail Message).

“Thus it may happen that genuine messages from the Ethereal World are not transmitted so correctly if the medium is hindered, oppressed or confused by the presence of people who have an ethereally or spiritually impure inner life.
…..With visitors who have a pure inner life, contact with a correspondingly pure ethereal environment is naturally possible.”

So dear friends, the reason for inconsistencies and distortions in mediumistic reports does not lie in the medium or the beyond but, in you, the audience and you alone! As highlighted in the excerpt which is our concluding take:
The purer the inner life of the questioner/audience, the purer the ethereal environment and entities the medium can make contact with and vice versa! Mediums only play back the inner lives of their audience. No more, no less!


10 thoughts on “He who goes to a medium should go with a clean inner life!

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  3. Very very interesting indeed. I have not read a perspective like this before. Intrigued. You’ve got me thinking.


  4. Then I must have stepped into my truth, as great love comes through within when I am by myself….or I have a great guide :D
    But sometimes I get blocked when I am with someone…I assumed (there’s that horrible word :) ), that I wasn’t meant to pass something on. But your post allows me to see that quite possibly that they are blocking because of where they are at…or at the least their higher self/spirit/God is keeping me at bay :)
    Great post…a thinker :)


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