A Lesson From Animals!

1009797_213018012186369_1546106268_n (1)

Tossed hither and thither,
By nature’s bumps and clime!
Rain, wind, hail and pestilence!
Thunder, fire and brimstone!
But, onward we strive and thrive!

Onward we struggle, learn and live!
Guided by no rule book or, sage!
No temple, religion or, creed!
Prodded only by instincts and need!
“It could be better” we thought!

To humans we drew near for inspiration!
Alas! we end up as pets, and playthings,
Others in arenas for cheers and jeers,
Or in farms and barns to plow and be milked,
Or sadly, in pots, cans and hearths,
Dismembered limb by limb!

Yet, we bear no grudge, no hurt!
Humans treat themselves no better!
Filled with cruelty, hate and greed,
They kill and maim themselves!
They cheat, harass and torment themselves,
Without cause or reason!

So senseless are their base passions,
That we consider it an insult on us,
To describe some humans as animals!
Animals we may be,
More humane than many humans!

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