Be The Butterfly!

Be The Butterfly!

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I am featuring the response of Random Moments of Epiphany ( to our post “WHEN…”
I would have loved to dedicate today’s post to this amazing soul I consider a privilege that our paths crossed, albeit through the virtual world, but, this will only inadvertently divert attention from the comment and its lofty message!
Today is for the message “Be The Butterfly”!
The Butterfly Effect! The palpable feeling that engulfs you when you see the smile, the relief on the face of someone in dire need you have just extended help to! It moves from the pit of your stomach and spreads sheens of light and resonating tones throughout your entire being, thus, adding ‘wings’ to your feelings and gait! The compensatory effect of gratitude on the hearts of those who offer help out of sincere free volition!
Now let us hear from the ‘eclectic spiritualist’ (A coinage by blacksun321 I admire) and please bear in mind that it is a blog comment and more of a conversation and informal discussion than a rehearsed presentation:

“Exactly. There are so many who contemplate the Universal Truth that “We’re All One” and “Everything’s Connected” in late night stoned philosophy sessions. But how many have the courage to follow that train of thought to its ultimate logical conclusion, with a sober and unclouded mind, examining all the angles? If “We’re All One”, then there is no competition, because there is no one to win ‘against’. If “We’re All One”, then there is no succeeding ‘at the expense’ of another (one of the fundamental principals of capitalism), because we are only taking away from another part of ourselves. And if “Everything’s Connected”, then by improving the quality of our own lives, we improve the quality of every life that we touch, which is ultimately, every life. And by improving the quality of others’ lives, we improve the quality of our own (tell me you don’t get that warm fuzzy feeling inside when you hand a homeless person a five dollar bill, or better yet, a twenty). The Butterfly Effect. “Be The Butterfly”. And if we can get enough Butterflies flapping our wings, we can bring a glorious Transformation to this poor suffering world.”

6 thoughts on “Be The Butterfly!

  1. Competition is human nature and can not be ignored. Capitolism is fair competition in business and profits will always have a winner. I am either 100% in disagreement with you here or I missed something. Capitolism is nothing but competition.Something all humans do in it all. Stopping human competition is creating enemies untold.


      • Sure, no enemies! ‘Be The Butterfly’ is about sharing love and goodwill. Today the voice of dissent may be loud but, one day the voice of consent will fill the air. Have a super week!


    • Thanks for your comment! I am particularly happy with your language even when you obviously disagree with our views. That is how it should be among human beings!
      When you said “competition is the nature of man” I immediately knew we were not on the same page. Competition is the struggle or effort to win something by DEFEATING others who are doing same! This cannot be the ‘nature of man’ rather, it is an earthbound survival instinct occasioned by a sense of limitedness, base passion or, commercialism.
      Yes the human nature is to struggle, to be alert and diligent in order to reach a nature ordained goal; but in doing so, man does not need to defeat anyone. His victory does not need to leave any other being sulking and bitter, rather, it is for the common good, it brings progress and is therefore a joyful activity. That is ‘nature’ and the nature of all spiritual beings like man.
      A human being who truly stands in the human nature will therefore encourage fellow humans to remain alert and stay the course, render help where it is needed and bear fruits of harmony, love and peace.
      …..and one way to live our true human nature is to get “enough butterflies flapping our wings.” This is the message in the post, Be The Butterfly.


      • You are explaining do not compete on civil rights of ownership. Capitolism however is just that captitol gains in busines and that is where it ends. Capitol gains the humane way is in stock market gains, in the civil rights it never exsisted. To call them captiols in country’s regions etc was a joke. Governamebts should have never beed called just capitols. Captitol means asset.


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