From Seed-germs to Human Beings……….Human Spirit and Gender—Part 2

From Seed-germs to Human Beings……….Human Spirit and Gender—Part 2

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In Part 1 of this series, we followed the spirit seed to the ethereal realms. Today, we continue in its trail as it evolves from a sexless spirit spark to a female or male human being:
As the human spirit seed enters the ethereal realm it faces a new and strange polarity. It is confronted by an atmosphere of coarse energy radiations and impure vibrations on one hand, as well as, Light threads and guidance on the other. The dark end of this polarity only exists in the World of Matter to which the ethereal belongs. All gilt and Karma exist only within material Creation! They do not and cannot reach up to the luminous spiritual realms, the Eternal Throne of Grace!
The interplay, twists and turns of conditions and manifestations in this remote ‘alien’ region forces the spirit to develop and mature faster than it would have done if it had remained in the spiritual realms. You can then understand why knowing ones tell us that the travails of the spirit; the struggles in relatively rugged regions (including the earth), is for learning purposes and not punishment. No stain, no gain!
Inwardly, the spirit transits from the hitherto state of unconsciousness to consciousness and then to self-consciousness. This is a big leap which in earthly reckoning might take generations; because, there is a world of difference between awakening to consciousness and self-consciousness! The reader should not gloss over this!
Side by side with the evolution of consciousness, the spirit also develops and strengthens its intuitive volition such that by the time it becomes self-conscious, it has already acquired a refined free will.
Outwardly, the seed-germ develops from the so called ‘tiny’ meteor into the human form we readily identify here on earth. It grows from a baby to an infant, youth and so on, depending on the state of its inward maturity.
And now to the gender issue!
As consciousness evolves, the spirit decides on its life path; chooses its life mission and activities!
If it is attracted to, and decides to work in an active, vigorous manner, it takes on the male form. If on the other hand, it decides to work in a fine, delicate and passive manner, then the female form weaves around it.
“In The Light of Truth” (The Grail Message), by Abd-ru-shin explains this process in very simple, succinct words:

“In my lectures I have already often explained that the actual concept of womanhood and manhood issues from the nature of their activity in Creation, i.e., that the nature of their activity is fundamental for this and determines the form which allows human beings on earth to be recognised as female or male.
The difference immediately shows itself as soon as the human spirit-germs leave their sphere of origin. Those inclined towards the active, i.e., the coarser working, take on male forms, whereas female forms shape themselves around those who wish to work passively, i.e., in a more delicate way. These are two different kinds of activity, but of equal strength; there can be no question whatever of a weaker species.
……. These work either passively or actively side by side, and yet they constantly strive towards one another, since the two species can only achieve something which is perfect through their joint activity. However, it only becomes perfect when the two work with equal strength and strive for one goal – towards the Light!”

In summary, the spirit’s gender is determined by the personal decision on the nature of activity it wants to engage in for life. Once the decision is made, nature provides the wherewithal to actualize its life mission. Nature only provides the hood to the monk but, the individual must first make the decision and engage in activities to be a monk!
Finally, the little spirit spark we trailed from “Human Spirit and Gender…Part1” has attained either womanhood or manhood; and, if it incarnates on earth it is identified as female or male in our general gender classification.
However, if the inquiries and reactions to Part 1 of this series are anything to go by, there are still some unanswered questions. How is it that a soul incarnates as a female in one earthlife and alternatively, as a male in another? What is ‘the weak sex’? What effects do trans-sexual manipulations have with womanhood and manhood? Do human beings bear or need procreative organs in spiritual realms?…and many more questions.
We shall endeavor to answer these and other questions as the opportunity presents itself. In the meantime, absorb what we have offered so far so that we can all be speaking from the same page throughout this series.
Joy, peace and love, dear friends!

2 thoughts on “From Seed-germs to Human Beings……….Human Spirit and Gender—Part 2

  1. This is a wonderful, wonderful article. Thank you enormously. Very interesting the way you brought the spirit right down to the material realm. Where ever do they hang out until they get here, I wonder? Very interesting.


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