INNER PEACE AWARD came to town!

INNER PEACE AWARD came to town!

Early this week, the WordPress blogosphere, particularly the spirituality/philosophy axis, was awash with Inner Peace Award.
Summer’s blog started the avalanche, and within hours, many blogs were either offered or, already hoisting the Peace banner. It felt good! How I wish peace and good will could be spread among mankind with such love and generosity!
The award’s magic lies primarily in its wording: INNER PEACE! Who doesn’t wish himself or herself inner peace? “Go in peace”, “Peace be upon you”, “Peace, I leave with you”, are some of the unforgettable heralds given to mankind by Masters and Light Messengers over the ages!
A second catch is that the award is easy to accept: offer it freely to all your followers, nominate a few if you so wish and leave an inspiring word on peace. You don’t have to dust up your bio data and string out a long list of nominees who in any case, either already have the award or, are too busy to even acknowledge your nomination.
Purplerays benefited from the largese through nominations and open followership offers. See why I said it felt good?
In the spirit of the award, I offer it to all my followers and readers of this post. Where would Purplerays be without you?………….in the wilderness! I owe you all much more than I can ever repay! In addition, I want to specially thank these friends who nominated Purplerays:
1. Summer of The searching one, who challenges you to “dare to be,” to say yes, or no, only out of inner conviction rather than bowing to herd mentality; but, to pursue your dreams with friendliness and love! She believes that “We all are born with a pure heart. That ‘pure inside’ of you, will always be a part of you no matter what…….”

2. Tatiana of Easygoing but deep! She talks wisdom, love, success and happiness; one moment it is the usual everyday gist, the next moment, it is a sober spiritual reflection. That’s the paradox of life that Tatiana draws your attention to! Good, inspiring mind laced with a simple life principle….”love yourself and love ALL people”.

3. Soumyav of The Lady of Words! She writes short, simple poems; but in their simplicity lie greatness and transcendent beauty. She breathes life into words and they become living pictures. You become part of the pictures and absorbed into a journey in non-physical space and time! Thank goodness, she always brings you back before signing off! .

Thank you, great friends, for wishing me inner peace! May you also reap bountiful peace and love!

….and now my word on Peace, which is a favorite quote from the Sage himself:
“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without” – Gautama Buddha

20 thoughts on “INNER PEACE AWARD came to town!

  1. Loved the way you spread the word peace here. On your blog its always the purple aura emanating peaceful vibrations. Yes ! thanx a lot for the kind words you said for me. Iam amazed myself reading here,by the extent my poems have effect!


      • Thts so nice! wish me goodluck too,for Iam on verge of completing my 4th poetry book now for publication. this one is about the spiritual journey of a soul on earth.


        • I send you strong wishes of Goodluck in your book endeavor!
          Not so much for the strength to accomplish it,
          Your good nature will supply that in abundance!
          But, for the world to appreciate the rays of wisdom,
          The timeless gems you have always shared!

          This time they will listen!
          They will beat the path to your work!
          Just have the courage to accomplish!

          Best wishes, Soumyav.


          • Those were amazingly strong words and wishes . It was really touching to hear your wishes so aloud and straight form the heart. Iam sure your wishes and my endeavour shall strike a chord there out in the world through my written words. Its all god’s wish and grace anyways, so let the best for all happen!


  2. I’ve read your post with a warm, good feeling. You are sharing peace with true love. Keep on sharing the good, positive insights, you have, with the world : )

    Sweet greetings, Summer


  3. Aww you honestly made my day Purplerays! :) Thank you so much with all my heart! I feel very blessed to have discovered you and your blog in this blogosphere of ours! Thank you so much for being you and for sharing the love, inspiration, wisdom and inner peace…not just today but always! :) You are a blessing! x


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