The Human Spirit and Gender….(Part 1)

The Human Spirit and Gender….(Part 1)

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Free Will is an integral part of the human spirit! It is a quality of the human being’s actual spiritual ‘ego’. From the very beginning, the spirit carries free will as an inherent capability just like the capabilities for life, growth and consciousness.
As one mediated knowledge puts it, free will has no connection whatever with the physical body, nor with the brain. It is inherent in the spirit alone, in the soul of man!
One should therefore not confuse free will with the everyday thoughts and feelings we generate. These are but intellectually guided will which may not arise from the promptings of our spiritual ego! Because it is an activity of the intellect/physical body, the ‘guided will’ is absolutely necessary for life on earth and can at best, function as the handyman or messenger of the actual free will.
The guided will is limited to earthly conceptions of space and time and is correctly referred to as ‘bound will’, whereas, free will reaches far into spiritual realms and predates one or more earth lives!
Let us proceed further! In our post “Man Know Thyself,” we examined the evolution of the human spirit from inception to incarnation on earth. In that essay, we explained that the human spirit originates and starts its quest for maturity from the spiritual realms as a precipitation or seed. It resembles a tiny luminous meteor flying across the spiritual boundaries, through the animistic realms and, for a considerable time, settling on ethereal ‘soil’.
Up to this point, or better expressed, in its original, pristine form, the human spirit seed-germ is SEXLESS. It has no gender, not even an individual propensity to be exclusively male or female. No human spirit is given a head-start, favor, or, privilege over the other! Each is a replica of, and as good as the other.
Perfect luminous sparks: the offspring and heirs to the realms of Perfection and joyful activity; The Kingdom of God! All blessed with talents, awaiting awakening and development: no master or servant, no class or caste, no endowed or disabled and above all, no male or female!
Sounds strange but, true! What we call males or females are more of outward cloaks than core essence. Cloaks that are acquired voluntarily by choice through the exercise of free will! They are the consequences of acts of free will exercised in bygone times, when the human spirits had attained ego consciousness and the maturity to freely make personal choices. All these happened in the beyond as part of the evolutionary process of the soul.
In conclusion of this first part of our series on the gender and spirituality, we emphasize, dear friends, that nature only echoes back what you once called into the woods, therefore:
Praise not the Stars,
if in your eyes you are of the Right Gender!
Curse not Fate,
if in your eyes you are of the Wrong Gender!
For you Wear the Robe,
you once took from Nature’s Wardrobe!


11 thoughts on “The Human Spirit and Gender….(Part 1)

  1. I look forward to this continuation! WOuld you say that if one doesn’t like one’s gender, it is the bound will being in conflict with free will?
    I especially like the last 6 lines here – I had to smile at their truth. :) Thank you!


    • Thanks for your comments. Concerning personal dislike for one’s own gender, each case should be judged on its merit by a knowing one. Please let me explain further!
      A female is born into a community/culture that gives undue advantages to the male child. Our lady feels handicapped for being a woman! With time the feeling grows so strong that she hates being a woman; “she curses fate because in her eyes, she is of the wrong gender”. Years later she dies with a strong preference for the male gender.
      Decades or generations later, the soul again enters earthlife, this time as a male. He relishes his gender but, from time to time senses a deep affinity with females, feels more at home with females than males and, in such moments crave for being a woman.
      In the first earthlife, you could see the intellect and the bound will at work, while, in the second, it is the spirit trying to correct an existing distortion by reminding the soul of her womanhood and enforcing her real free will.
      Sorry it has been a rather lengthy one! As part of this series we shall speak more on ‘distorted souls’. Keep a date with us!


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