The Fall of Man, Hereditary Sin and the Intellect!

The Fall of Man, Hereditary Sin and the Intellect!

We have repeatedly emphasized that the intellect is not by nature a negative faculty! It is neither bad nor, is its cultivation or training sinful. On the contrary, the intellect is the highest of all that belongs to the earthly. Its fine ethereal dimension enables it receive spiritual urges for earthly application and manifestation while its gross material (earthly) dimension allows it to gather earthly experiences and transmit them to the spirit and the Universe for real experiencing and growth. The intellect is therefore the Facilitator of life on earth; no other faculty is endowed with such capacity.

However, the intellect could be likened to fire! If tended and stoked with care, fire is a good servant, helper and companion; but if not applied properly or allowed out control it becomes a hazard and raging disaster.

The natural and proper hand to tend and stoke the intellect is the spirit; but, if unwittingly left on its own and the wind, as human beings have done over the ages, the result is bound to be chaotic.

Today, we are going to trace the origin and development of the chaos while in the next post, we shall look at modern day examples of the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of the intellect:

Like most fire disasters, the causes are usually small and seemingly harmless; a spark or smouldering hearth followed by a flicker and flames. So is it with the intellect!

When the human spirits first arrived on earth, they were saddled with bodies that were in their primal stage of development and with a consciousness not much different from today’s infants. One could say, with some measure of justification, that human beings on earth were glorified noble animals.

Gradually, they learnt how to walk erect, talk, shield themselves from the elements, collect and store food and so on! As the body evolved, the ego consciousness improved.

With time, they became conscious of the enormous potentials and capacity of the intellect; they realized that they were equipped with an intellect with which to think their way through life on earth and followed up by devoting more and more time to cultivating and sharpening the faculty. Generations later, the intellect became their standard bearer and alter ego!

The immediate fallout from this was that they stifled their intuitive capacity and gradually estranged themselves from the spirit and spiritual life.

On the other hand, the intellect grew in leaps and bounds and being a product of the earthly brain, it limited human perception to earthly time and space. Their attention and passions were primarily earthly and earth bound. They craved to taste of ‘the tree of the knowledge of good and evil’ and as they tasted, they ‘realized’ they were naked; in short, they became vain and self-indulgent.

Another fall out was that their lopsided activity exerted undue pressure on the frontal brain which is the seat of the intellect and the body responded by nourishing the frontal brain more than the back brain. This later resulted in the disproportionate enlargement of the frontal brain compared to the back brain. Hence the designations large and small brains respectively.

This distortion was caused by humanity’s over-cultivation and subordination to the intellect. The spirit was relegated to the background and the intellect, once an amiable cub metamorphosed into a roaring wolf.

The intellect that was a gift, a blessing, became a curse, a sin. It became the Anti-spirit, the Serpent, the Original Sin which brought about the Fall of Man! The ‘Fall’ was the reciprocal effect of voluntarily disregarding the natural Order in Creation which is the same as disobeying the Will of God!

Fast forward to about 200,000 years from the present age and you have ‘new kids on the block’: Homo sapiens, the forebears of the modern man/woman. They come with refined gaits, straight limbs, rudimentary social and community life and large brains, ie large, overwhelming frontal brains and small, inert back brains. They received the enhanced frontal brains and crippled back brains from their immediate progenitors and also bequeathed same to their offspring who in turn handed down the distortion to their successors, on and on from one generation to the other.

This is the Hereditary Sin often misunderstood by many! The sin of the offspring inheriting physically distorted and handicapped brains from parents together with the propensity for only earthly passions and cravings! A purely PHYSICAL, gross material inheritance!

There is no such thing as Spiritual Heredity! Absolutely none! No spiritual DNA to pass on to your children! Spiritually we are self-contained and only bonded by karmic missions and ties or, the commonality of our Origin. Moreover, spiritually, the child could indeed be an older and more mature soul than the parents who actually receive help through the radiations of the child’s soul.

If human beings were left to their designs, they would have been spiritually lost and beyond redemption! But through the Unfathomable Love of the Almighty, we are constantly reminded and offered life belts to pull back, reflect on the real Purpose of Life and redirect our steps towards salvation, freedom and ‘oneness’ with the Light. These reminders come by way of events that have pushed us to our wits’ end, intuitive promptings and spiritual knowledge mediated to us by sages, prophets, called ones, messengers and Envoys of the Light.

In this we regard, we give thanks to the Almighty for the selfless, benevolent work of Truth bringers like Krishna, Lao-tse, Zoroaster, Buddha, Muhammad, Jesus, the Son of God and Abd-ru-shin.

…and where do we go from here?

We should strive for freedom from the clutches of base propensities which are the symptoms of the over-dominating and enslaving intellect. In other words, we should strive for spiritual freedom; for inner freedom!





Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


10 thoughts on “The Fall of Man, Hereditary Sin and the Intellect!

  1. an absolute remarkable piece to read! and you very clearly state the spiritual freedom,thought and awakening to be the most and pivotal of all which is never inherited unlike other qualities or tarits.It is simply the deeds and actions and the thought process of a soul which makes it spiritually active.


    • Thanks Soumyav, for sharing your impeccable wisdom! You have touched and summarized the very essence of the piece. Thank you very much; its always a joy and privilege anytime you stop by and leave a word.


  2. Indeed, the intellect is truly a blessing, when it’s awesome abilities are devoted to communion with the Spirit, fathoming the infinite possibilities of Unity, more than the illusory limitations we have placed on ourselves. Another wonderful life lesson.


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