Can You Say This of Yourself?

Can You Say This of Yourself?

Photo Credit: Posted by Sun Gazing on Facebook.


14 thoughts on “Can You Say This of Yourself?

  1. That’s a very beautiful and poetic definition for the word. Personally, I endeavor to only use it when I feel it fully, like the word love, and not allow it to become merely a reactive greeting, lest it begin to lose meaning in my expressions. But that’s just something that I need to do because I’ve had difficulties with words and meanings, or lack thereof, in my past experiences.


    • Thanks for your comments. It’s a lesson in modesty when you say you’ve ‘had difficulties with words and meanings’. Not You! Your thoughts and expressions are too clear for any difficulties. Any visitor to your blog will sure bear me out.Thanks for stopping by.


      • What I mean is that the difficulties I’ve had is when people speak, but there is no real meaning or feeling behind their words, or when I speak, but they respond as if there were no truth in my words. Long ago, when my sense of self was in large part dependent on the validation of others, such things hurt me deeply, and was part of what motivated me to journey inward, until I could find validation within myself.


      • You’re very welcome, and thank you very much for understanding. And for being one of the wonderful sources of information that have helped me on my journey back to myself.


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