Happy New Month! APRIL, the month of Spring, Youth and High Spirituality

APRIL…….Spring, Youth and High Spirituality

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Welcome to the month of April, the fourth month of the year in our modern era calendar. April is fascinating in more ways than one. First, it has an aura of youthful vibrancy particularly in the Northern hemisphere where spring is taking over the elements. The vibrations of spring and the resurrection Light Rays of Easter combine to open the earth to fresh invigorating energy!
Part of the vibrancy is also reflected by the fact that April falls under Aries, the first and most youthful astrological sign in the zodiac. In the popular system of astrology, April 1to 20 falls under Aries, while in the Sidereal system, Aries captures April 15 to 30; this explains the sensing that April is an Aries month. Apologies to Taurus!
Aries, the sign of the Ram! Almost every religion has its’ own Ram-story or indeed stories. Through visions and mediated knowledge, mankind is informed that right at the Feet of the Almighty, there are four powerful winged Animals who form the pillars of the outflowing Divine radiations; four knowing Animals who keep watch at the Steps of God’s Throne with incorruptible loyalty and absolute devotion. They are a Lion, a Bull, a Ram and an Eagle! Of the four, the Ram is said to carry the human spiritual within itself and even bears a human countenance. Man therefore has an intimate spiritual bond with the Ram; of course, not the earthly ram which is of a different  species from the Divine Ram. This clarification is necessary to avoid any misconception!

All the same, we are all ‘kindred of the Ram’!

April ho April! It starts with All Fools’ Day and has one of the longest lists of observations and anniversaries. The financial and New Year month for a handful of countries and the national/freedom month for others, the birth month for the highly respected and graceful Queen Elizabeth 11, the National month for over twenty events in the USA, etc. With April, there is really no dull moment!
For us passionate seekers for spiritual Truth, April is placed on a special pedestal because of two Light happenings about this time. The happenings are the appearances in flesh of two Light Bearers, or simply put, the respective births of two Truth bringers. The first is The Enlightened One, Siddhartha Gautama Buddha and the second is the Envoy of the Light, Abd-ru-shin, the mediator of Truth through His work, In The Light of Truth (The Grail Message)
These are stupendous events which take years of cosmic preparations and severe sacrifices on the part of the messengers. For this we owe deep gratitude to the Most High for providing spiritual teachers and Light mediators for diverse races, cultures and generations!
And to April-children, we wish you all a very exciting and joyful experiencing on your birth days!

Happy New Month, dear friends!


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