Easter Bells……..a call to reawakening for all human spirits!

 EASTER……a festival for all!

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This week, we join our Christian brothers and sisters in celebrating Easter Festival. This festival is considered the high point of the Christian religion as it touches directly on the life of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, whose message forms the pillar of Christianity.


We join other seekers for Truth in reflecting on the significance of Christ’s life and mission; His death, resurrection and redemption work:
1. Was Christ’s work of redemption solely to lay down His life and with His precious blood wash away our sins? Does salvation lie only in His death and blood? If so, all we have to do for our salvation, is accept Him as our personal Lord and Savior and ‘’cast all our guilt upon Him; for He has redeemed us and by His wounds we are healed.’’
(1.2) How about the portentous intercession of Christ as He hung on the Cross in dire agony, ‘’Father! Forgive them for they know not what they do.’’ Was this not and indictment on all those who participated in His Crucifixion, who were supposed to be serving a Divine purpose? Was His crucifixion a criminal and condemnable act which was against the Will of God? Would any Christian believer today wish to have participated in the crucifixion as the fulfillment of a Divine Order?

2. Or, was Christ’s work of redemption to transmit unblemished Truth to mankind through His Word (message) and thereby open the way to the forgiveness of all sins? Does salvation lie only in His Word? If so, for our salvation, we have to absorb His Word and live our lives according to It! Thereby, the magnetic radiance of the Truth of His Word will cleanse us of our sins.
(2.1) How about His reassuring declaration, ‘’I am the Way, the Truth and Life….No man cometh unto the Father but by me.’’ Is this ‘ME’ limited and earthly personal, or is it the transcendental Christ-Spirit? Does the ‘Truth’ which Jesus stood for and brought to all mankind not embrace the Truths contained in other religions and teachings? Is salvation for Christians or Church members only?


We bow our spirits at the feet of the Most High in gratitude for His unfathomable Grace upon mankind in sending His Love Incarnate, Jesus Christ! We join Christians in spirit and volition in their Hours of Commemorative Worship!


May mankind heed the Easter bells as they proclaim the resurrection of the human spirit to Love, Peace and goodwill!
Just like nature, at this time of the year, shines forth in the splendors of spring, in rebirth and in reawakening, may the sublime crown of Truth shine forth in all lands, guide us to the Right Paths and free us from all Darkness!

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