..and a good starting point is to know what your spirit is

The Spirit! There is so much confusion as to what the human spirit is. For some it is something that manifests in an unhealthy manner hence, it is associated with ghosts and ghost science. For others, it is variously regarded as the life force, vital energy, aura or, the astral body. Others still, explain it away as the sub-conscious mind (as opposed to day-consciousness), the inner consciousness, the God essence in man, etc. Our cerebral friends equate the human spirit with knowledge thus, a knowledgeable person who is versatile in conversation, is said to be rich in spirit. The spirit theories and descriptions are endless but, what really is the human spirit?

In simple words: The human spirit is a living entity with a distinct personality. As one religious priest puts it, ‘the human spirit is the personhood of man’. It is called spirit or spirit being because it originates from the spiritual realms of Creation and is made of spiritual substance. It is not a puff of air or a nebulous energy field but a tangible spiritual substantiality that can see, feel, hear and perceive with spiritual organs. In accordance with the immutable Laws of Creation, which also govern the processes of evolution and development, the spirit is structured to start life as a seed germ, (embryo) grow to a baby, progress to a youth and then, on to full maturity.

And now to some details! Descending from above, Creation is divided into four broad realms namely, the spiritual, the animistic, the ethereal and the worlds of gross matter. Each realm has sub regions and transitional planes which seamlessly unite successively to form a continuous flow of life and power throughout Creation. The human spirit seed originates from the tail end of the spiritual realms and for it to develop to full maturity, it has, of necessity, to leave the spiritual realms and descend all the way down to the worlds of matter. A very faint (but definitely not an equivalent) reflection of this process happens on earth when a baby has to be ejected from the mother’s womb for it to grow to a mature adult.

In a previous essay ‘The Gods Are Not To Blame..Part1’ we explained the human spirits’ journey for maturity as follows:

 ‘’ As luminous spirit sparks, the seeds depart their spiritual home as if from the hands of a sower. At the border of every realm, they are wrapped in a cloak which would enable them to experience life in that realm, evolve in the process and move on. Onwards like pilgrims they proceed: maturing, learning, tasting, enjoying and constantly being reminded of their heavenly home. By the time they arrive in the world of matter, the spiritual core has metamorphosed into a human form, albeit youthful, and enveloped in animistic, ethereal and fine matter cloaks or bodies with all the respective sense organs. They can now be likened to a collapsible transistor radio antenna pole where the leaner upper sections successively slide into the lower sections until you have a short piece sticking out. Also, the maturing spirits have developed ego-consciousness and self- will which also come with the corresponding responsibility for their voluntary decisions’’.

So ladies and gentlemen, all of us on earth can be likened to the said antenna poles or, onions with a spiritual core and layers of cloaks or coverings! Each cloak is a body with sense organs and bears the human form known to us on earth. Also, in conformity with the Law of Homogenous Species, when beyond-earthly entities are seen, it simply means that the inner eyes corresponding with the realm of the entities are in use. Thus a spiritual phenomenon can only be seen by the spiritual eye, the ethereal by ethereal eye and so on.

 Our physical bodies are simply the outermost cloaks which we identify as Mary, John, the priest, the president, the destitute, the European, the Asian, the American, the African, etc. All these differences and distinctions are but external, ephemeral and cosmetic tags tied to the physical body. In truth, we all from one source, children of one Father, who gave us His Spark in adequate measure and with equal possibilities. The real difference among human beings lies in their spiritual maturity and not in a partial distribution of endowments and possibilities!

At earthly death, the spirit drops the physical earthly body and takes up the next inner body corresponding with the realm it now lives in. This is a fresh birth of the spirit into a new world and freedom from the aches, pains and deformities of the physical body. The spirit lives on, it never dies with the physical body and does not recline in slothful rest after shedding the physical body.

It is therefore an illusion when we wish our dear departed ones to rest in peace (R.I.P.) or rest in the bosom of the Lord. At death, the spirit passes on to further activities and experiencing!

That, in brief, is the human spirit, the ‘good wolf’ in us! It speaks to us in a small but deep voice that prompts us to sow love, peace, joy; to show due consideration for all living things (including plants and animals) and, above all, not to let the it slumber within us.


10 thoughts on “MAN, KNOW THYSELF!

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  2. This is very well written, and is interesting.

    I find it interesting when people write of these issues as if fact. I don’t know what, what, and I remember someone commenting that Daniel (my son) “Is a very old soul, isn’t he?” It was an unusual comment, from someone viewing my little toddler son.

    Where has my spirit been, where does it go, I don’t know, but it is impossible to me to imagine that it dies off. Just can’t imagine that…


    • Thanks for your comments. Like we always say, we welcome all shades of comments and are always ready to follow up on any threads of thought. And now to our brief response:
      1. Our opinions are based on years of painstaking seeking and experiencing; and are intended for spiritual enlightenment and not for mere entertainment. They are our recognitions and convictions which we are sharing with the world and in the process also learning and strengthening our volition for Truth. We draw primarily from an existing and readily available impeccable work of Truth.
      2. Old soul! If a ‘knowing’ one referred to your toddler son, Daniel as an old soul he/she could only have two situations in mind. First, that the young body of your son is ‘housing’ a soul that has been in existence for a very long time and has matured far beyond the average souls on earth today (including your own soul). The irony is almost comic— you may be calling your elder, my son. Second, it could mean that your son has had previous earth lives before the present one; he is therefore not a first timer. On both counts the observation is correct! Why? Because with the cosmic state of the earth today, no new soul can incarnate here again. All seemingly young souls on earth are those who out of spiritual indolence, have refused grow, or have degenerated and have remained baby-souls for decades upon decades….unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of mankind belong to this group. The observation is also correct because, it recognizes the Divine grace in reincarnation. This is a very wide topic and sometime in the future, we intend to run a series on it. But in summary, we can confidently say that no spirit can reach full maturity in one earth life. So, our dear Daniel has seen it all before and may be, even more times than big mom.
      3. Wherefore your spirit? The earth belongs to gross matter and is enveloped by ethereal matter which we generally call the beyond. This ethereal matter is divided into two main regions, namely, the regions of light and the regions of darkness and perdition. At earthly death, the combined effects of your words, thoughts and deeds; and unredeemed sins (karmic burden) you were born with, determine where you are to experience in the beyond. You thereby fulfill the Law which states that: whatever you sow, that shall you reap! Therefore, we are enjoined to ‘remember our Creator’ by seeking and living according to His Will so that our hereafter may be joyful. One thing is absolutely sure, the soul does not die with the physical body. It lives on and experiences the reality of its emotions and surroundings, just like we do on earth.


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