In Creation’s Light Trail

‘’By an Act of the Will of God embodied in the holy command `Let There Be Light` a Part of His Holy Essence was placed at the outermost boundary of the Divine. This Essence or to use our analogy, Super Substation, now gave light and life to a sphere of existence below the Divine which we now know as CREATION. All radiation residues that were not strong enough to take on form in the Divine (see our essay, `Divine Splendors`) then had the opportunity to stream downwards, embody or gradually develop and manifest their full potentials, or, proverbially speaking, live life to the fullest.’’

 The passage above which is lifted from our earlier piece ‘LET THERE BE LIGHT’ summarizes the unfolding of the realms of creation. It contains two important events connected with the origin of Creation, namely, (a) the anchoring of a Part of the Holy Essence God at the outermost boundary of the Divine Sphere. (b)  all radiation residues that were not strong enough to take on form in the Divine then had the opportunity to stream downwards, embody or gradually develop….

  Part (a) ushered in the Holy Spirit as a living, personal creative Will of God and the Lord of creation. We have deliberated on aspects of this happening in some of our previous essays and would sincerely encourage our readers to look them up. Part (b) will require careful explanation of the interconnecting happenings.

To start with, you have to recognize that God alone is the Origin and Source of power; the greatest possible power, the Primordial Power or, simply, The Power. In this Power there is the Origin and Source of Light also, the Primordial Light; thus, it is rightly said that God is The Power and The Light. Again, real Life is an autonomous ingredient that lies with God alone and nothing beside Him is truly living. This means that God alone holds the power in life, as part of the Primordial Power. This leads us to the further recognition that God is The Power, The Life and The Light.

 An intrinsic property of light is that it radiates and this radiation is the contact point with everything outside the light. The same is true of God, the Primordial Light! Everything that exists outside of God can only trace its origin and sustenance to the radiations of God.  Our readers will recall that in our essay ‘GOD! THE DIVINE AND THE LIGHT’ we explained that the Divine comprises the direct radiations of God and is known as The White Light.  This invariably implies that the Divine, as the direct radiation of God, contains all that is necessary for Creation.

Another property of light is that it generates heat which in turn produces pressure. As one would expect, the pressure is most intense around the light and decreases as the distance from it increases. The tremendous pressure generated by the Almighty, the Primordial Light not only ensures a powerful downward thrust but also keeps everything in motion. Knowing ones will tell you that motion is a law in Creation. But that is a topic for another day.

And so, ‘all radiation residue’ mentioned above were radiation species that contained life or the potentials for life but could not take on form under the enormous pressure even at the outermost end of the Divine. They had the urge to take on form but only had the possibility of swirling around as luminous cloud. It was this urge that rose as a petition to the Most High; and out of a love that can only issue from the Fountainhead of Grace, the Almighty granted their wishes with the command ‘Let There Be Light’.

The Deed immediately followed the command and a new world opened up below the Divine where, up till then, there was pitch-dark void. As the radiations streamed out, the strongest extraction took on form as the Light Castle and the uppermost spiritual part of Creation while the weaker remnants continued downwards propelled by the pressure of the Light. Next, the weaker spiritual deposits, to complete the spiritual realm, followed by the animistic, the ethereal and the world of matter. Of course each realm spans vast distances and contains various gradations; ranging from the strongest, (or finest) the medium, to the weakest (or coarsest). The weakest and lowest of the realm above is seamlessly mirrored by the strongest and highest of the immediate realm bellow to form a magnificent chain of life with the most perfect orderly transition  throughout creation.

 At the summit of every realm there is a castle which serves as the main collection/transmission point for the Power streaming from the Light Castle above. The very best of the best inhabitants in each realm are called to serve as guardians and knights in the courts of the castle. Through their unflinching commitment to service they mediate power to all parts of the realm and beyond.

Each realm has its’ own unique features and splendor which we shall explore in the coming weeks. Please join us as we journey through this masterpiece of the Most High called Creation.

Above all, as your recognitions increase, so also should your effort to be truly alive in this wonderful Creation we are permitted to live in.




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