“but blasphemy against the Holy Spirit can never be forgiven. It is an eternal sin.”…… Mark 3: 29



Now we have shared our perception on where the Holy Spirit came from, how He came to be, His personality and His abode; the Grail Castle. We have also emphasized that Creation is the direct radiation of the Holy Spirit and is thus sustained by Him. The natural question is; what is the import of this for Creation in general and mankind in particular? The answer to this question forms the subject of our discussion for today.

Let us start by saying that the Holy Spirit is the elixir of life, the A & O, and the Will of God in Creation. One can as well say that Creation is the work of His hand. He stands in service through His person (directly) and His power (by proxy) simultaneously.

His Being! By an unbreakable radiation tie, the very being of the Holy Spirit ensures an eternal mediation of power between God and Creation. Also, apart from presiding as Lord of the Light Castle, He personally intervenes in Creation to purify it and /or fulfill Divine promises. During such missions His volition takes on form and journeys to the point in distress to redress the situation. Through the grace of the Most High mankind is now permitted to know of some activities associated with such missions; prominent and decisive for the fate of mankind were the dethronement of Amfortas, the shackling of Lucifer and the institution of the currently raging World Judgment.

His power! Through His Radiation Power, the Holy Spirit touches every area of Creation up to the minutest speck of dust. Everything that was, that is, and will ever be in Creation could only unfold through the power of Holy Spirit. From the greatest to the smallest happening, from the most elaborate idea to the flimsiest thought, as well as all life forms, draw from this power and are guided by it. His power maintains order through a perfect system of privileges and responsibilities, of reward and punishment which are encapsulated in laws. These are not the laws of any nation, political system, religion, or, planetary system rather, they are natural universal laws which prevail throughout Creation from the pits of the regions of darkness and damnation to the earth and the entire physical plane up to the luminous heights. Man has recognized these laws right from pre-historic ages and has even reflected their aspects in his moral codes, norms and legal system. Enlightened ones have given various names, interpretations and subdivisions to the laws. Let us however settle for a precise and all- encompassing classification contained in an existing incomparable work of Truth:

  1. The Law of Homogenous Species…. Birds of the same feather flock together; like father, like son.
  2. The Law of Reciprocal Action………… Law of karma; what you sow is what you reap.
  3. The Law of Gravity…………………………  The denser a realm/outer cloak, the lower it stands.

The individual and combined effects of these laws, which are really expressions of the Holy Spirit, ensure a perfect process of development, evolution, balance and order in Creation. This is why it is often said that everything created must obey the law which invariably means, must subject to the Holy Spirit. You can then understand why in the Christian scriptures it is recorded that Jesus repeatedly drew attention to the paramount importance of obedience and affirmed his allegiance by saying that he did not come to upset the law and the prophets but to uphold and strengthen them.

And so our dear friends, in Creation, the Holy Spirit is the police, the prosecutor and the judge who must be obeyed. Any disobedience whether innocently, subtle or defiant is met with strict retribution. Very apt and portentous therefore is Christ’s admonition:

‘’Every blasphemy against me or any other sin can be forgiven all except one: speaking against the Holy Spirit shall never be forgiven, either in this world or in the world to come.’’ Mathew 12: 31 (Living bible)






  1. I am fascinated by this quote. Of all my Catholic upbringing, I don’t remember anything like it.

    I find it hard to believe anything can be an eternal sin; ie not forgiven. Yet, deeply I do bow to the Holy Spirit, so I can’t imagine blaspheming. Really strong words here, very solemn.


    • Thanks for your comments!My take on the quotation is that any sin against the Holy Spirit, which is the same as sinning against the Will of God, ‘must’ be atoned for either through voluntary efforts or retributive justice, ie,karmic reaction. Not that it would hang on the neck for eternity. This is different from,for instance, the sin against our fellow humans that can be forgiven if the person sinned against forgives us and intercedes on our behalf.
      A perfect example is the intercession of Jesus; ‘‘Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.’’ This was a great act of love from the Love Incarnate Himself and had the prospect of erasing or softening the retribution on the murderous crowd.


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