14 thoughts on “What is your color?

  1. Nice :) I think at different times we like different colors. That probably depends on our current emotional state or self actualization need!
    It may also be that we like a certain color according to the strongest Chakra in our body!


  2. My color is black because to me it represents ultimate receptivity, the Emptiness spoken of in Taoism and Buddhism, and the sea of infinite possibilities in the night sky and the void of space. For those who don’t consider black a color, I am comfortable falling back on purple, because I also have a strong resonance with the crown chakra, and it is also historically the color of magic.


  3. Thanks for stopping by. Generally our choice of colors seems to swing with our moods, inner volition, religious beliefs and culture. Before you judge anyone, you need to take all these factors into consideration.

    Thanks again. Wisdom and Joy!


  4. I have always been red, red, red & red. I ventured to wearing crimson/pink a while. Then I wore yellow a bit.

    But red, I have maintained (except red lipstick – no good any more, that).

    I enjoyed this post – interesting.


  5. When I was working I was tested one time by our company! I was in lending, and my color was blue, and that has always been my favorite color, for even when i was very young i always looked to the embrace of the heavenly blues skies. My company remarked to me and another manager, may we can get the two of them to become red! They said we always just floated along as we did our jobs! We did it the right way! God bless and thanks for sharing!


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