LET YOUR PURPLE SHOW…..He Who Glows In Purple Is Pure

Why purple? You probably asked this same question when you first came across Purplerays. Why not red, white, or at least any of the brilliant colors? Well! Not to worry, just follow us patiently and you will see how purple captures the very essence of our endeavor on this site.

First the purple color: Purple is a secondary color consisting of a mixture of red and blue lights. Colors like violet and indigo are said to be shades/tints of purple. Indeed, violet is used interchangeably with purple.

Interestingly, the combination of the bright warmness of red and the cooling effects of blue gives purple an intriguing polarity. On the downside are mourning, sobriety, lent, eccentricity and even death. The upside however makes it the ideal color – royalty, nobility, creativity, bravery and most importantly for us, faith and spirituality. Some experts even go as far as describing purple as the color that vibrates with divinity, the highest form of existence.

A second reason for our choice of purple requires careful explanation:

Earthman consists of a physical body and a spiritual core. On the physical plane are his body organs and a ‘seat of reasoning’, the intellect; on the inner worlds are transitory cloaks (bodies) and the spirit with a finer ‘seat of reasoning’, the intuitive faculty. He is therefore swamped with and interplay of physical and spiritual energies.

From energies and vibrations of the sun, stars, earth, sound, smell, etc, to thought forms, emanations and volitions of spirit beings, elemental beings and waves of the neutral principal power steaming  through creation. All these form the so called Unified Energy Fields (UEF).

These energy fields do not swirl about in a wild uncontrollable medley. Instead, energy streams with similar vibrations coalesce and revolve in magnificent wheels of attraction and transmission; in strict accordance with nature’s Law of Homogeneous Species – birds of a plumage flock together.

To enable man key into the Unified Energy Fields (UEF), he is endowed with personalized micro energy centers. These mini centers have been known for ages in different cultures, by various names and classifications. Let us, for now, adopt the Sanskrit designation – Chakra. In brief, chakras are spinning wheel-like energy centers located in between the human earthly body and his astral body thus bridging the physical body, his spiritual core and the energy fields in the universe. Chakras are of immense benefit for healing physical ailments, psychic composure and repelling negative impulses.

The subject of chakra is so vast that a 500 – page book will only scratch the surface. From time to time, we shall return to this subject. For today, let us understand that each chakra vibrates in a unique color and is attached to a human organ that resonates with similar vibrations. There are seven main chakras and countless smaller ones. Staying with the main ones, at the crown of man`s head stands a chakra of the highest spiritual energy. It is said to connect us to purest spirituality (some say Divinity). This chakra is said to be the key to wisdom, truth and life; and perceptively permeates the other six chakras. This chakra resonates with, guess what, violet – a purple color. Some knowledgeable ones simply ascribe to the crown chakra; violet/ purple. This is one of the compelling reasons why we choose to nestle among the PURPLE RAYS.

 Now, the third reason. The Purple Intrigue Continues: In the rainbow color spectrum, violet / purple is the seventh. In the main chakra classification, the crown chakra is the seventh. Convert the alphabets of purple to figures and reduce them by continuous addition to a single figure and you have seven. Check out the meaning and significance of seven with numerologists and you have qualities like seeking wisdom, spiritual, deep thinking, faith, ethereal, quiet, etc. All tools for spiritual enlightenment and self improvement; the hallmark of Purplerays.

There is yet another important reason why we chose to glow in purple. This is a story for another day. The online reader is not known for patience. Indeed, if you have stayed with us to this point, you are exceptional and highly commendable.







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